Puli*Pola Handmade Soap Has Launched their 1st Outlet at Aeon Bandar Utama!


I guess I never tell on blog, that I am suffering from heat allergy. Well, who like extremely hot weather? It makes us sweat a lot and feel uncomfortable. Yes, it is my case as well; but, worse thing is I will get rashes and acnes which are itchy and I can’t control myself to scratch my body. Probably, you will recommend me to shower with Dettol, Antabax, etc, the shower gel/soap for acne body skin. However, it actually makes my allergy even worse! My doctor told me it is better to use organic soap if an individual is suffering from heat allergy. Because the so called acne wash contains chemical substances, which may irritate the skin. Therefore, organic soap is a better choice, the purer the better. A friend of mine recommends me to try Puli*Pola Handmade Soap. Initially, Puli*Pola Handmade Soap can only be purchased online. But since May, Puli*Pola has opened their first physical store at Aeon 1 Utama Shopping Center! 

Puli*Pola Handmade Soap is an organic handcrafted soup made and completed in Taiwan. It is using the traditional soap making skills to create characteristics of sight, smell and tactile. It is made of a unique blend of palm, coconut, olive oil, camellia oil and natural essential oils or Chinese medicine powder to scent the soap. All the ingredients are 100% organic and non-toxic. 

Even the body sponge scrubber is also made of organic material!

Every Puli*Pola soap has their own function. For example, whitening, oil control, moisturising. Some can be used for both face and body; while some are solely for face or body. Meanwhile, the soaps are also categorised based on different skin types. At a glance, everyone is able to find their desired soap at Puli*Pola, as long as you can tell the consultant the skin problem you concern. 

Other than handmade soap, Puli*Pola has also bath bomb and body scrub. 

The first impression of the body scrub is just so so. The texture is so rough; however, it completely blew my mind when I applied on my hand. It is gentle and tiny. You can even use it on your face. 

For bath bomb, there are two types – Bubble Bath Bomb and Fizzy Bath Bomb. Apparently, the Bubble Bath Bomb produces bubbles; whereas Fizzy Bath Bomb doesn’t have bubbles but contains colors and fragrance which helps to calm your mind.

How to use it? Just fill up your bathtub and add in one bath bomb. Then, soak yourself in and enjoy~~

Well, probably not everyone has a bathtub at home. You may do this only if you are staying at hotel. Alternatively, you can get the small Puli*Pola bath bomb to soak your hands and feet. 

To celebrate the first physical outlet opening, Puli*Pola is having new launch promo gift sets which you can only get from the store! Don’t miss the chance to grab this amazing deal!

Now, let’s go to Puli*Pola store at Aeon 1 Utama Shopping Center~

Note: Puli*Pola is going to have their 2nd outlet soon. Stay tuned! 

For more information, find/follow:
Address: Aeon 1 Utama Shopping Center, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Website: www.pulipola-soap.com
Facebook: PuliPola Handmade Soap
Email: hello@pulipola-soap.com
WhatApp: 019 – 218 6602


  1. The packaging and the products look so attractive! For your skin allergies you might want to consider Melaleuca. My friend uses it and it has improved her condition. I have another friend who sells it if you're interested


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