#MakanMakan Food Hunt @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Few weeks ago, I was invited to join a makan-makan (in English, Food Hunt) event by 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Invited guests are bloggers and instagrammers. We were divided into teams and we would have to complete visiting 10 restaurants in 1 Utama Shopping Centre within 5 hours.
Well, here is my team – Gals. FYI, I don’t know anyone of them. However, because of food, we basically able to break the ice in just 5 minutes when we are on our way to the first restaurant. So, I have gotten a conclusion: Other than shopping, what brings girls together must be food!
Let’s start our makan-makan adventure now! Our first stop was Quiznos Cafe, a fast-food restaurant offering toasted submarine sandwiches. FYI, Quiznos’s sandwich comes in three sizes and also three types of bread. Choose your size and bread type, followed by fillings. If you don’t feel like having sandwich, Quiznos also offers pizza. The fillings are still same but with crispy base.
We considered Quiznos’s sandwiches and pizzas were our brunch. So, it was time to have teas before we went for other heavy foodies. Hence, we went to Betjeman & Barton for our early hi-tea. It was my second visit at B&B. I love its cosy ambience. The crews introduced their premium teas and prepared few pots for us. Serving also a piece of cake and macaroon. How we all wish to stay there for the entire afternoon. B&B supposed to be enjoy relaxation. Nonetheless, we still need to continue our food hunt.
The next stop we went was Bisou Bake Shop. If you are a cupcake lover, you will love Bisou a lot. They offered wide variety of cupcakes including fancy cupcakes. The crews were so understanding we were in a hurry, they actually packed the cakes and let us to takeaway.
Then, we went to the other participating outlet nearby – The Library Coffee Bar. Initially, I was thinking is this a pub or bar I knew but then it serve beers and wine not coffee. I was wrong, it is a new member in 1 Utama, located at Highstreet. Serving premium coffee and tea, with different western food such as pasta, pizza, pie etc. There are bookshelf around. It is another good place to rest before continue your shopping or place that you can calm your nerve after a busy workday. I love their Humming Ham and Fish Arrabbiata Pasta much. Humming Ham is a pizza, but the base tasted similar to pie crust. Meanwhile, Fish Arrabbiata Pasta was hot and spicy, a must eat for spicy foodie.
Subsequently, we went for Korean food – MyeongDong Toppoki. I believe MyeongDong is another newbie in 1 Utama Shopping Center because I have yet knowing them in 1 Utama before this food hunt (Did I tell I am a loyal member of 1U? That’s why I know almost all the shops here). Instead of the classy kind of Korean food’s temptation, MyeongDong offers Korean street food. The must try, for sure, is their toppoki. And also, I found that Korean can drinks are always adorable!
A Vietnamese food fan like me can’t wait to try O Banh Mi. It is a Vietnamese restaurant, serving Vietnamese sandwiches. However, we didn’t try their sandwich because we were told that they have launched new menu recently which is their Beef Noodle Poh. The soup was sweet-smelting and the kuey teow was soft. The meatball was big and for me who do not really into beef felt the taste was really strong yet, it was delightful.
Next, we headed to CoCo Curry House Ichibanya. To be honest, we regret why we don’t come here earlier because they have prepared a full set from appetiser to dessert. And now, we were short of time that we only able to try one or two dishes. Even we felt our stomach was really full, we can’t stop ourselves to have their curry katsu chicken rice!
It was 5 minutes left before we had to return to the checkpoint. But then, we still have 3 more outlets to visit! We decided to split into small team went for different outlets. Some went to Nana’s Green Tea. This outlet is really well-known with its green-tea-flavoured desserts. If you love green tea, here is a paradise for you.
Meanwhile, another small team went to Little Fat Duck. Before opening a stall at 1 Utama Shopping Center, Little Fat Duck has earned a lot of loyal customers during their food truck business at SS15. The price range is still cheap and affordable for students. Again, we takeaway our dishes and treated it as dinner of the night.
And finally, our last stop was Moo Cow! This is another favorite dessert of mine. I love their frozen yoghurt topped with chocolate syrup and coco crunch.
We returned to the checkpoint 10 minutes late but we were not the last team. It was a fun event I have attended. All food were good yet the time given was not enough for us to truly enjoy the food. Other than food, we all earned few new friends who shared the same hobby in this makan-makan food hunt. BTW, next time when you are shopping at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, don’t forget to try out the restaurants we went for the food hunt. All food do worth a try!

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  1. Too bad it was on a weekday, couldn’t join 🙁 Btw, you really looked like you had a lot of fun. And a lot of food too! 😛

  2. omg a food trail sounds so fun, I have never attended one before… Also, the vanilla sky cupcakes in pastel colors are soooo pretty!

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous! I had a hard time taking photos, cause i will either be too excited to eat while its hot or i might have eaten it already thus ruining the photo :p

  4. all them looks so delicious… any chance they still running this event?
    <a title=“GreenStory” href=”http://greenstoryblog.com/” rel=”nofollow”> do drop by… GreenStory</a>

  5. OMG! The food looks so delicious weiiii, jealous la since you went to this awesome event TT Looks like having fun with the girls <3

  6. thanks for intro all those amazing outlets with their great food, i’m always at a loss what to eat in one utama coz there are just too many choices. now i can target a few.


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