Review: Love Soap by Cutie Zone Lv. 19

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Hello ladies, this review is for you. Gentlemen, you should read this post and share it to your wife.
I am sure every lady has at least tried one famine wash in life.
Thanks to HiShop Malaysia, I was given a chance to review Love Soap by Cutie Zone Lv. 19.

Love Soap by Cutie Zone Lv. 19
Japan's newly developed Love soap, is not only pH-balanced but protects sensitive skin. Experience rosy fragrance with one easy wash. The rose essence does not only protect the vagina with its anti-bacterial properties, but also slows the aging process on the skin surface. Therefore, it helps to protect the vagina, and also produce an alluring scent from within.

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Compared to other brands famine wash products, Love Soap is richer in natural plant extract and also extra nourishing functions. Also, it can be used for body wash too which cause the user loves it more!

Lather soap on wet hands. Apply to the intimate area & wash for approximately 30 seconds then rinse thoroughly. Also suitable for under arms & butt crack. 
Its outer packaging is really cute. To be honest, I was expecting some flora design or love-shaped pattern on the soap itself. However, the inner packaging is simple. The rose fragrance isn't very strong. Unless you put the soap near to your nose; else, you may not able to smell its scent.
Love Soap has nourished my skin. After a week of usage, my skin isn't as dry as previous and eventually, reduced my itchiness over my body. However, I didn't see any change on the pigmentation although Love Soap claimed to it helps in reduce pigmentation. I guess it needs at least 2 to 3 months to reduce.

In short, I have had pleasant experience with Love Soap. Nevertheless, its selling price freaks me out. You can find Love Soap in HiShop Malaysia, with the price RM138. For me who shower at least twice a day, it only can use up to 2 weeks. Thus, I find Love Soap doesn't worth this value although it brings a lot of benefits to the ladies.

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  1. Maybe you should try tokyo love soap. Been using for 5 years. Really good!


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