International Fusion Cuisine @ Pepelicious, Desa Sri Hartamas

Updated on 21 Sep 2017: Pepelicious has ceased operation.
I am sure most people know what is fusion cuisine. In Klang Valley, there are a lot of restaurants which serve Japanese fusion food as well as Asian fusion food. Meanwhile, Pepelicious chose to server international fusion food. Meaning that, you can have a wide range of fusion food here than others!  
Nestled in the Desa Sri Hartamas, Pepelicious serves the diners with international fusion food; and also, some wine and beers. This restaurant provides a comfy ambience; especially dinner time. Forget the traffic jam afterwork. Come Pepelicious to enjoy dinner first~



The 1st floor is available for private party, with a minimum of 10 pax, you can own it for a night. 







We were first pampered by Pepelicious with the appetizer – Nachos Parmi. Mixed capsicums and mushrooms in parmigiana sauce, serving together with crispy nachos. 


Another appetizer was Grilled Chicken Miso Salad. Grilled chicken on freshly cut romaine lettuce, red coral, wild rocket, red onion rings and cherry tomato. Further, it was topped with poached egg and drizzled with special homemade miso sauce. The grilled chicken was well-marinated, combined with the special miso sauce made by Pepelicious, this salad was appealing. 
Coming next were two pizzas, with very unique flavors. 
Fungo Mumbo – Mix mushrooms cooked in rich creamy salted egg sauce, topped with capsicums and salted eggs. Salted egg supposed to provide a very strong taste; however, this Fungo Mumbo doesn’t really bring out such taste. Instead, it tasted like a classic creamy white sauce. 
Spicy Hot Chixx – Minced chicken cooked in fragrant spicy sauce, and served with creamy white sauce. ALERT!!! This is a really hot chick!!! Absolutely hot and spicy, which triggered your taste buds till the max. I kept drinking mineral water even I only tried the very small portion.
Here we have another special pasta, Seafood Curry Spaghetti. Prawns, baby squid and fish slices in spaghetti tossed in curry laksa sauce and topped with melted cheddar. Curry laksa sauce was heavenly delicious. This is a great combination.
An evolved risotto from our local delicacy – Nasi Lemak gone Italian was served. Coconut creamy risotto nasi lemak, served with homemade ikan bilis sambal, deviled beef meat and hard boiled egg. Topped with crunchy silver anchovies. Risotto is my favorite Italian dish; nonetheless, the risotto was too salty. Perhaps, Pepelicious could make its taste lighter. Having said so, I love their homemade ikan bilis sambal.
Following that, we had tried the Pepe Fish; my favorite dish of the night. Pan seared perch fillet topped with creamy fragrant local fusion sauce accompanied with potato and seasonal vegetables. 
The last main dish was Yummylicious Chicken. Marinated chicken chop with an Asian twist, served with potato salad and spicy peach salsa. The chicken was well-marinated; we think that it could be served by its own, without sauce which double the saltiness of the dish.
We always have space for desserts! Ending up our dinner with Special Pepelicious Churros and Baileys Parfait. FYI, the churros is homemade by Pepelicious. It took much time to prepare. On the other hand, Bailey Parfait is made of cream parfait with Baileys alcohol, chocolate sauce and Oreo which is only limited available daily. 


Special Pepelicious Churros
Baileys Parfait
Overall, if you love fusion cuisine, we recommend to give Pepelicious a try. Some dishes were up to standard but some may need improvement. Hopefully, we will have a surprise upgrade of food quality from Pepelicious during our retun dining. 
Address: B-G-10, Galeria Hartamas, 
Jalan 26A/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 016-335 6720
Business Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Closes on Sunday)
Facebook: Pepelicious 


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