Review: PSK LED Glitter Gloss


Any girl here like me who doesn’t really apply lipstick, instead, you prefer lipgloss? If you love lipgloss, here is a lipgloss which you probably will love – PSK LED Glitter Gloss.

PSK LED Glitter Gloss

PSK Glitter Gloss with special convenient design with unique LED light inside. A little mirror enables you to put on make-up anywhere and anytime. It is made of natural rice bud essence. It consists of hydrating formula that makes your lips feel light and comfortable; meanwhile, gives the best possible shine to your lips.


PSK LED Glitter Gloss offers four shades: Mandarin Orange, Pink Diamond, Pink Paris and Classis Red. I personally doesn’t love to have a very sharp shade and I wish I could apply it daily, even without full makeup. Hence, I chose Mandarin Orange. Perhaps, you may think isn’t the color look different? Well, after application, it actually looks naked.

See? This shade is natural but provide a shine on my lips. FYI, I have heard of LED lipgloss many years ago through a Taiwan beauty show. However, it didn’t tell the brand as it is not promoting the brand. Hence, when I heard of this PSK LED Glitter Gloss, I instantly know how convenient it is! The LED light and the mini mirror on the gloss tube is super convenient; especially if I need to check my lip makeup in the dark (Who knows maybe I will go to pub or club sometimes?). I don’t have to go toilet frequesntly just to check my makeup. 

Overall, I am satisfied with PSK LED Glitter Gloss. It is so convenient to use and I don’t have to bring an extra mirror to go out too. However, I wonder if the LED light can last long until I finish the lipgloss.

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