Nutox Renewing Treatment: Say Goodbye To Dullness & Darkness


I am sure Nutox is one of the most well-known beauty brands in Malaysia which consumers (majority the ladies) are familiar with, especially when you are talking about anti-aging. Don’t believe it? You can just ask around~ My mum and aunts, as well as my girl friends, they know Nutox well. I have written a review about their Advance Concentrate Serum before. Guess what? My aunt and mum are currently using. And they are introducing it to their friends too. Well, I always believe that you should not “treat” aging only when you face the problem. Instead, you should do prevention. Hence, when you found the sign your skin is dull (the first sign of aging), do not hesitate to start applying product to make it glow! Introducing the latest Renewing Treatment skincare range by Nutox, you can now say goodbye to dullness and gain your radiance!

Nutox Renewing Treatment

Nutox Renewing Treatment skincare features a proprietary technology known as LumiNes, which combines two key ingredients – Lumiskin and Actistem Gold Nest – for a lit-from-within glow that all women yearn for. LumiNes activates sleeping skin stem cells and improves skin texture, giving you naturally-radiant skin with regular use.

This Renewing Treatment series of Nutox comes with 3 products; each product has its “power” – Renew, Restore and Radiate. Without further ado, let’s check them out, one by one below…

{RENEW} – Renewing Treatment Lotion (150ml, RM59.90)

After cleansing your face, let the Renewing Treatment Lotion (toner) to buff and lift impurities and dead skin cells from surface. As said, the products of this skincare range are developed by LumiNes, this toner gives a more radiant effect and replenishes moisture into skin’s deeper layers.

Usage: After cleansing, dispense onto palms and pat all over face and neck. OR After cleansing, dispense onto a cotton pad and sweep over face and neck.

{RESTORE} – Renewing Treatment Essence (30ml, RM75.90)

Following that, apply the milky Renewing Treatment Essence, to unlock your skin’s natural glow. With the LumiNes technology, it is deeply moisturizing and helps to protect skin against dullness caused by UV damage and pollution. Besides, the essence also expedites skin’s surface-renewing cycle for long-term radiance.

Usage: Distribute 2 to 3 pumps between fingertips and smooth onto face and neck using upward movements.

{RADIATE} – Renewing Treatment Cream (30ml, RM49.90)

The last step, nourish your facial skin by using Renewing Treatment Cream. It energizes the skin and improve overall skin texture. No worries~ This cream has a non-sticky texture. It absorbs pretty fast, care for your skin and let it stay glowing!

Usage: Massage a pea-sized amount into skin using circular upward motions until fully-absorbed.

Nutox Renewing Treatment skincare range is available in all major pharmacies in Malaysia. So, do grab yours today at the nearest store and stay young with Nutox!

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  1. I have heard but good things in this Nutox product. I am looking forward to this. Especially I am looking for my new skin care regimen and I think this will be perfect.


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