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Few weeks ago, I have shared an adventurous birthday treat of Danny at Penang Escape Theme Park. Now, here we have another journey at Wonderfood Museum!

I guess everyone knows Georgetown has a lot of museum, such as camera museum, upside down museum, 3D art museum etc. Meanwhile, the latest one in town is Wonderfood Museum. We were told that it was the third week Wonderfood Museum opened when we visited. Till now, it is the third month!

Never come across Wonderfood Museum? No worries, this is why I am sharing this with you! FYI, Wonderfood Museum is a food wonderland; however, it is not edible because all the food are made by synthetics, plastic, silicone and a mix of various chemicals and materials. This museum aims to promote the varied types of multi-cultural food in Malaysia.

Now, follow me… Our journey to the food wonderland begins…..

Wonderfood Museum is divided into three zones. Stepping into the Info Zone (Zone 1), visitors have the opportunity to learn multi-cultural food available in Malaysia! Every food is well-labelled.

Besides, the food is categorized according to our culture. It is so impressive even it is just the beginning!

Nyonya Food

Mamak Food

Chinese Reunion Dinner

BTW, the history of the food is displayed on the wall too. It is super informative and easy to understand.

Left: Banana Leaf; Right: Traditional Malay Cuisine

Left: Taditional Chinese Cuisine; Right: Nasi Kandar

This is also the zone for visitors to learn Malaysian’s eating habit in the past. For example, roti canai stall, roadside mamak stall, porridge stall etc. Looking at the miniatures, it brings back the childhood memory. Of course, we are still practicing some habits now.

Coming next, we are entering the WOW Zone (Zone 2). Here’s the zone to give you a fantastic experience with food and also boost your imagination.

For me, this 4-in-1 picture above doesn’t only look amazing, but also bring messages to the visitors. For instance, the top left photo: “If food can change color, we can change the way we look at life.”  Or the bottom right photo: “If food is color blind, we can live without discrimination.”

Next, here is the funniest part! The giant replica food~ We have giant replica cendol, laksa, satay, curry mee, Hokkien mee, rojak, ais kacang, o chien, char kuey teow and nasi lemak!

I would say here is the section with the most people because everyone wants to take photo with the food~ So, be patient. There are few staffs walking around. They are happy to be your photographer of the day. Check out our funny posing photos with the giant food. It was fun!

Next, let’s head to the Educational Zone (Zone 3). Another fun journey begins. You are first being exposed to Penang Trail. Here you can witness the development of Penang. If you have kids, here is the place you can tell them the story of revolution!

Subsequently, a small section that displays “Fat vs Lean Muscle”. Visitors can experience how both fat and lean muscle feel like in the same weight. Probably, you will start to make your exercise plan after that.

There is also a special luxurious room that displays the replicas of the world’s most expensive food. Details of the food are attached on the wall too.

Before heading to exit, a corner displays a bowl of shark fins soup on a table; meanwhile, under the table is the bloodied shark without their fins. It is a breathtaking display.

If you think the journey has ended with this shocking shark find corner, you are room! A more powerful message is exhibited at the exit. A little girl crouched over leftover food on the floor. We are all blessed to have what we want to eat everyday, sometimes, we even choose not to eat what we were given.

Finally, the food journey has marked its full stop here. Both of us were happy to have visited Wonderfood Museum. Sincerely, I think this is the best museum I have visited so far. It isn’t only fun but also bringing a lot of messages to the public. I will urge parents to bring their children here, kids won’t feel boring and they can learn some lessons here too.

**Admission Fee: Adult RM25 / Child RM15

Wonderfood Museum
Address: 49, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10200 Pulau Pinang.
Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm daily
Tel: 04 – 251 9095 / 012 225 1968 / 012 229 1968


  1. I've read so much about the musem and am waiting to go to Penang so that I can visit it. I love fake food because they look so real. And I love miniatures as well. This is a combination of both, so I am definitely going to enjoy this!


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