Celebrating This Mid-Autumn Festival with Donutes Taiwanese Style Mooncake~


Every year around this month, we are preparing to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. In Chinese tradition, besides Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival is the largest celebration for the Chinese. It is another great season for family reunion; talk to each other and enjoy food together. Here we have mooncake as a sign of reunion as it is round in shape, just like the full moon, symbolize reunion. Well, let’s make the Mid-Autumn this year a little different. Instead of the normal mooncake, do check out Donutes Taiwanese Style Mooncake.
A box of 9 mini mooncake, instead of a box of 4 like others, Donutes Taiwanese mooncakes are heartfully made by chef. The mooncake skin is soft, fillings are tempting and fragrant!

There are 7 flavours to be chosen: Sweet Potato Yolk (new flavour), White Lotus Yolk (new flavour), Red Bean Yolk, Matcha Yolk, Red Bean Mochi Yolk, Mung Bean Fried Onion and Taro Yolk. Mix and match them yourself to make in 9 in a box, priced at RM58.50 only.

As said, these are mini mooncake. Unlike the other in the market, we normally cut into 4 and share with one another. Personally think that a Donutes Mooncake can be shared in two only. Just cut into half, grab and enjoy.

Even though there are wide variety of flavours nowadays, I still love the traditional white lotus the most! And this year, I have tried this Donutes Taiwanese mooncake, I bet I have a new favourite now~

Oh ya! Donutes mooncake is low in sugar. For whom is looking for low-sugar mooncake or has concern on sugar intake, do check out this mooncake collection.

All in all, Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration for you and me to embrace each other. Grab these heartfully made mooncakes and gift them for the one you love and care. Celebrate the festival with them and enjoy!


Donutes Coffe & Cake Baking
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Tel: 03 – 5880 7038
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Tel: 03 – 6143 7262
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Tel: 03 – 5879 7638


  1. SOoooo cute!!! Definitely my kind of style…even though I love the original mooncake…but still this looks like a must grab…Will definitely visit the puchong branch soon…

  2. I love mooncake, but this i must try. Looks really cute especially the purple one looks like onions. But i only like the black kacang one not sure if they have that.

  3. Omg these mooncakes are so adorable and perfect as gifts! Thanks for reminding me, I need to source mooncakes for friends 🙂

  4. Mooncakes! It’s so nice when a box has the different varieties so that we can try the different kinds. Else it’s so sinful. Haha! Am glad this is low in sugar though….


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