What Should I Get For Night Party/Dinner?


Time flies~ It is almost end of year. Regardless you are a student or a working adult, your school/company must has planned an annual dinner. If you are still finding suitable dresses for your party, here are some recommendations for you. 

A dress with sequins always caught people’s attention. However, I suggest to have dress with sequins on some parts of the dress. It doesn’t look tacky but make you look generous. Choose a darker colour such as dark navy, and wear shiny white accessories. I am sure you are the most gorgeous in the party.

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Mermaid dress focus on body curve. Hence, the dress is always fit in body, flaring out from knee. If you have a sexy body shape, the mermaid dress is fit for you! Let’s all the girls envy on you. It is not showing off, but telling people how confident you are to have such curvy body.

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Taffeta is a fabric that often used in prom dress or wedding dress. It is bright and silky smooth. You will never go wrong with black for party! A short taffeta cocktail dress makes you look young and charming.

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High-low dress is a new trend! It gives the loveliness of a long gown; meanwhile, provides you the energy to look youthful. Some people like me, who is short may not look beautiful in floor length dress, but high-low dress definitely surprise you!

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Who said dress must be in one piece? You can choose two-piece dress during your dinner. This style isn’t common and hence, you will absolutely stand out from the crowd when you wear the uncommon dress in your party. Also, you can actually mix and match with any clothes in wardrobe! You never have to worry you are wearing the same dress with other in the party.

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  1. You should get something that you're comfortable in. A night out with make-up and heels is already a challenge for me, so I make sure I get a dress that I'd be happy and comfy in!

  2. all your choices are so pretty! how i wish i can carry off a mermaid dress. it never fails to look pretty and elegant! but it isn't so flattering for my pear shaped body type. 🙁

  3. I think it should depend on the party, the long gown would be perfect for formal dinners. The short ones would be great when the mood is more festive or more casual.


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