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Phone is made for the convenience of calling decades ago~ Because of continuous innovation, phone is no longer for the sake of calling, but texting, surfing Internet, and for photography purpose. As a person who is active in multiple social media platform, I always share a lot of photos. Of course, most of the time I am using camera;...
Another busy day I have,but no matter how, I will not forget to share my life with you, lovelies.This time, I am going to share my review on my not so new toy, smartphone camera lenses kit. Nowadays, I think you can easily see people using this with...
Thinking of buying LG Pocket Photo Printer?Or you are seeking for a wireless + mini sized photo printer,here's my review and experience with my pocket printer. Bought it in the early 2014,and it did help me a lot during Chinese New Year,because I can print out photos with...

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