Review: LG Pocket Photo Printer PD233

Thinking of buying LG Pocket Photo Printer?
Or you are seeking for a wireless + mini sized photo printer,
here’s my review and experience with my pocket printer.
Bought it in the early 2014,
and it did help me a lot during Chinese New Year,
because I can print out photos with my BFF and each of us kept one as memory. =D


  • 72.4 (w) x 120.9 (h) x 24.0 (d) mm; weighs 212 grams.
  • Bluetooth/NFC enabled.
  • Apps work with IOS and Android phones.
  • Print size: 2″ x 3″; 313 dpi.
  • mini USB charging port.
  • 500 mAh 7.4V Li-Polymer; claims to charge in 90 minutes and print 25 pics on single charge.
  • Z 2.0 (Non-Sticky Back) ZINK printing paper.

For more details on specification, see here.

The packaging of this pocket printer is very simple.
When purchasing the printer, it included:

  • Pocket printer x 1
  • Adapter x 1
  • Mini USB cable x 1
  • Zink photo paper x 1 (10’s)

In Malaysia, 
the retailer sell RM399/unit.
And the Zink photo paper will RM50/pack with 30’s.

Build Quality And Aesthetics
The printer is well built-in and it’s light (only 212g).
The on/off button is on the left;
while the mini USB port is on the right.
To reload zink paper,
open the top end and push the paper in. 
(Max. 10’s; blue smartsheet at the bottom; see the paper package for instructions) 
you can remove the top flap and insert the paper accordingly. (This is easier)
**If you find the printing is not as sharp as the previous one, re-insert the smartsheet to clean up.**
To get the printer running, 
you use NFC or bluetooth to connect.
If you’re using bluetooth, 
you can directly print the photo without any app installed in your mobile device.
Whilst, if you’re using NFC (only for Android),
you are required to install “LG Pocket Photo” app.
You can edit your desired photo with the app;
Texts, frames, filters;
or you can even add QR quote on the photo.
Share it with your friends.
After finish customizing your photo,
press “print” to print your photo.
It takes around 45 seconds to 1 minute to complete.
Check the hand on video below:-

It is easy to set up the connection between the devices.
And it’s great that user does not need to refill ink for the printer,
since it is using Zink technology.
However, the color of printed photo is quite different from the original copy.
You will always get vintage-liked type of photo.
Over time, the Zink paper will turn yellow! =(
It will not affect the photo without white color.
But, if your photo contains white color background, 
it turn to yellow! x_x
So, if you buy this printer, 
please bear this in mind.
Samples of printed photos
White turns to yellow
Comparison between original and printed photographs
Overall, the LG Pocket Photo Printer PD233 is really convenient and compact.
Align to its name, it is pocket-sized which make it easy to bring.
And it is zero ink printing,
which is quite impressive technology.
However, it is not as refined as it should be.
Personally think that the printing result is not worth the price that paid.
Zink paper is slight cheaper than the Instax film;
however, compared to the image quality, 
Instax photo is much more better than Zink.

Features: 3/5
Design And Build Quality: 4/5
Performance: 2/5
Value For Money: 2/5

Overall Rating: 2.75/5


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