Amelio Patisserie & Café @ Desa ParkCity

The second week of July,
I know I have late update my blog recently.
I am busy with my shifting out from old rent,
renovation in the new house,
work, business; this and that…..
The second half of the year is in the town,
and I started it with full of energy!
Hope you are same. =)

So, this time, I am sharing my dinner on Sunday night,
at Amelio Patisserie & Café, Desa ParkCity.
A short relaxing evening after a busy starting July.
This is my first time at Desa ParkCity,
checked-in with Foursquare,
and saw many positive feedbacks about this place.
If you are dog lover, bring your doggie here!
Let them meet some friends.
There is a park here, and it allows dogs!
Wow, what a wonderful paradise huh?!
I saw husky, golden retriever, poodle bla bla bla…
I can’t tell them all~~~
For sure, I will bring my hedgie there next time,
maybe he can make friends there too. >.<

Back to the point,
I had my dinner at Amelio on Sunday night.
The only restaurant I think that I have yet to try before.
Because it only have few franchises café such as Secret Recipe.
So, Danny and I went to Amelio.
Maybe because weather nowadays is super hot,
we can’t stand to have our dinner at the outdoor space.
It’s too hot even fans are on.
FYI, Amelio is a non-halal restaurant.
Most dishes are served with pork.
Since it is a patisserie café, of course Amelio sells cakes and bread etc.
So, that night, we didn’t order many dishes,
only two main course and one side with two drinks.
Creamy Mushroom Pork Shoulder Loin Steak @ RM22.90
Amelio’s Pork Ragu Meat Bolognaise Spaghetti @ RM19.90 
Mashed Potato @ RM6.90
The pork shoulder is tasty.
Danny likes it very much.
If you finish all the food,
you will see nothing left on the plate,
because there is no bone!

For me, the spaghetti is delicious too.
However, the sauce is slightly salty.
While the mashed potato is somehow not well-mashed.
We still can eat small pieces potato that are not mashed.
And without the mushroom sauce,
the potato did not have any taste.
We personally don’t like this mashed potato.

I didn’t take photo of the drinks.
We ordered one orange juice and honey lemon ice.
Both are common drinks,
and they are both fresh juice,
so no much comment on the drinks.

Overall, the food is okay.
We spent RM73.15 in total.
We think we can have something more tasty with this price.

Amelio Patisserie & Cafe 
FF-07, The Waterfront @ Parkcity,
5, Jalan Persiaran Residen,
52220 Desa ParkCity,  Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-6280 7212
Business Hours:  Daily 8.30am-11pm


  1. I live so close to Desa Park, and have heard a lot about it. Still haven’t been over there to check it out. I will add this place to my list and go there next time I need a good lunch option.


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