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Phone is made for the convenience of calling decades ago~ Because of continuous innovation, phone is no longer for the sake of calling, but texting, surfing Internet, and for photography purpose. As a person who is active in multiple social media platform, I always share a lot of photos. Of course, most of the time I am using camera;...
以前,佩戴眼镜是为了矫正视力。而隐形眼镜则是为了让人们能够不必佩戴厚厚的眼镜片,也能改善视力。但现在,不管是眼镜还是隐形眼镜,它已离不开时尚。隐形眼镜更是变成了美瞳片~顾名思义,就是美化我们的眼睛的膜片。对于像我这样有近视的人来说,有很多时候出席一些活动或一些需要打扮的场合,佩戴眼镜真的不怎么适合。因此,对于能够帮忙矫正视力,又能够变漂亮的美瞳片更是爱不释手!而近期更是入手了Barbie Eyesland的美瞳片~这就跟大家分享我的开箱及佩戴初体验呗~
距离父亲节貌似还剩下一个星期而已。孩子们,你为父亲准备了什么礼物了呢?其实,重复又重复地说过,爸妈要的不是我们花上多少钱给他们买礼物;最重要的,是心意,是那份关爱。这个父亲节,就把窝心送给爸爸吧~为他送上Diamond Coral三秒即暖饮水机。
How I wish I won't suffer from menstrual pain and even back pain during my period. For those who have the same pain, you will know how uncomfortable it is. Remember two weeks ago, my friends and I talked about it, and the following day, my period came. Oh gosh! Here the painful journey started. Normally, I will only...
It has been a month since I return from my Cambodia trip. It is a fruitful and memorable trip. I will talk about it very soon. If you can read Chinese, do check out the itinerary in www.dsfoodtravel.com. Back to this post... For those who are following me on Instagram (@sinyees), you know I kept sharing my update on...

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