Thailand #2: MUST GO Pasar Malam in Bangkok – Talad Rod Fai 2 Night Market

In Malaysia, we have pasar malam (night market) everywhere. We can find a lot of street food, cheap clothes, fresh vegies and fruits, raw meats and more in pasar malam. If you are visiting our neighbour country, Thailand, there is a night market you shouldn’t miss in Bangkok – Talad Rod Fai 2 Night Market at Ratchada.

Holding this post for few months, I finally got my time to choose photos for the second post of my Thailand trip this year. Unlike our pasar malam, Thailand’s one is more about food and snacks, fashion and also some gifts and accessories. What makes Talad Rod Fai 2 Night Market so different from other night markets is their wide range of vintage and retro collections. 

FYI, this is actually the second Talad Rod Fai Night Market. The first one is at Srinakarin (Read some blogs saying it was closed down), which is bigger than this at Ratchada. Despite that, Talad Rod Fai 2 Night Market maintains the theme of the first market, and the best thing is it is near to MRT station.

Walking into the night market, you will see a lot of colourful Volkswagen vans with different designs. Some are selling clothes; while some are selling soft toys and accessories. And of course, you will never miss out the food heaven!

Here are some foodie photos I have taken there. Every food is so attractive and colorful. 

There is a stall which sells fried insects. I dare you to try! Danny gave a try on the juicy worms. Ewww.. Wookay~ I surrender! 

And I also found the DIY passport holder in this night market. I knew some online stores in Malaysia are selling this, but the price for each holder is higher than the price I can make two in Bangkok. So, if you love this passport holder and you are going to Bangkok, don’t miss the chance to grab one!

Other than that, I have bought some tee and pants there too; however, no photo was taken. I was just busy eating and shopping around until I forgot where was my camera. You must understand Thailand is a shopping and food paradise! So, don’t surprise you will shop a lot and eat a lot~ 

Sum up all, Talad Rod Fai 2 Night Market is worth to go. You can find a lot of vintage collections, tasty snack food and more here. Well, I know my photos are not convincing enough. But, if you google it yourself, you may find out more, for example, hair “salon” in the market. The only thing you might find it difficult is to communicate with the seller. No doubt this market is very popular, yet it is still very “local”. You probably see very little tourists, words on signboard are all in Thai. Some of them can’t really understand English. But I think they will improve when more people come to this night market.

How to get there?
Take MRT to Thailand Cultural Center. Take Exit 3 and walk outside The Esplanade Shopping Mall, the night market is just 10m away behind it. No worries, there is signboard showing the direction. Or you can take a cab or tuk tuk.  

GPS Coordinates: 13.766621, 100.568849

When to go?
Talad Rod Fai 2 Night Market opens every Thursday to Sundays, from 5pm to 1am. 


  1. wow – amazing colors on those pictures ! very happy to have read the above and also to read about pasar malam in your own country – im going to spend time on your blog as we hit malasyia in Janurary and still have nothing planned 🙁

  2. I love markets and fairs that involve a lot of food, like this. I would go crazy over the macarons and the sushi! I'm glad you guys had an awesome experience and kudos to your bf for trying those worms.


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