Raku Pizza @ SS15

Remember few weeks ago, I shared a review on create your own sandwich with Sumo Sandwich? If you don’t, read it too after this post. Why am I saying like that? Because this time I am introducing you Raku Pizza – a pizza house that you can make your own pizza! 
Located at SS15, Raku Pizza is themed in black and white. The words “Raku” in Japanese means joy. Raku Pizza hopes ever customer is joyful when dining with them; and of course, Raku Pizza hopes the customer enjoys the fun of building own pizza. Well, pizza is no longer only a western food now, with Raku Pizza, this western food is now feating Japanese materials; for instance, soft shell crabs, wasabi, bonito flakes etc. 
When most restaurant are practicing semi-opened kitchen, Raku Pizza is totally open! Basically, you can just go near to the kitchen counter and watch how your desired pizza being made by the crew. FYI, Raku Pizza only serves 8.5″.
Well, if you are clueless on building your own pizza. You can still go to their signature pizza. Let’s start with their first signature – Tony Chopper. Served with crispy herb pizza base, topped with Teriyaki Sauce, cheese, mushrooms, Japanese mayonese and shredded seaweed. 
Tony Chopper @ RM11.90
Coming next, we were served with delightful Tokyo Delight. Guess what? The sauce for this Tokyo Delight was curry sauce! Have you ever tried any curry-flavored pizza before? It gave an instant satiety because it was filled with boiled potatoes, sweet corns, cheese, mentai mayo and shredded seaweed. 
Tokyo Delight @ RM11.90
If you would love to have different toppings on one pizza, Fujiyama Sunrise is your choice. It was topped with four toppings – Karaage Chicken, Chicken Ham, Chicken Sausage and Beef Pepperoni. I bet this is also a good way to taste different ingredients in just one pizza!
Fujiyama Sunrise @ RM12.90
Subsequently, Edo Samurai was served. BTW, I was told this is a dancing pizza because the bonito flakes “dance” due to heat. Meanwhile, the other toppings for Edo Samurai are karaage chicken, sweet onion, cheese, shredded seaweed and drizzled with okonomi sauce. 
Edo Samurai @ RM12.90
A runny poached egg (or in the menu “onsen tamago”) was placed on the center of this charcoal based pizza – Sakurajima Lava. Everyone was excited to see this pizza when it was served on the table. Cameras and phones were ready to snap the eggs spread on the pizza slices when diving it on plates. Apart from the egg, Sakurajima Lava also contains teriyaki sauce topped with grilled chicken, sweet onion, shredded seaweed and Japanese mayo.
 Sakurajima Lava @ RM12.90
I bet you have not tried any wasabi pizza previously. Introducing you Americano Sumo. Basically, it is similar to pepperoni delights; however, it was topped with wasabi mayo. Other ingredients included beef pepperoni, sweet onion, sweet corn, shredded seaweed and cheese.
Americano Sumo @ RM12.90
And finally, we had a vegetarian pizza – Aomori Geisha. It was topped with mixed salads, wakame, tofu, cheese and sesame or Yu Zu.
Aomori Geisha @ RM11.90
After introducing so many recommended pizza, are you ready for customize your own? Not sure how to do that? Let’s follow me step by step. 
Choose your crust/base >> Choose your sauce >> Choose your toppings
FYI, customized pizza started with the price RM7.90, which included dough, sauce and cheese. The things that make the price vary from one another is totally depending on what toppings you are adding. You can choose to add one or all toppings. Well, Danny and I made our own pizza, and we called it as Sin Yee Pizza! Simply because the note we wrote to place order was under my name and they said this is Sin Yee Pizza. =3 I have forgotten what toppings we have added into our pizza, but beef pepperoni, soft shelf crabs, bonito flakes for sure!
Other than pizza, Raku Pizza also serves few Japanese food such as Wafu Curry Prawn Katsu Udon and Tama-toji Chicken Katsu Don.
Wafu Curry Prawn Katsu Udon @ RM13.90
Tama-toji Chicken Katsu Don @ RM11.90 (M) / RM14.90 (L)
In short, all pizza served were palatable. Almost all were covered up by the taste of mayo. However, some claimed they love the pizza a lot just because of the strong mayo taste. And hence, Raku Pizza highly recommend their customers to have their customized pizza because customers can take control of what to put and the amount to put on their pizza. If you are a pizza lover, don’t forget to try this new pizza shop at SS15. 
Raku Pizza
Address: No. 80, Jalan SS15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hour: 11am – 10pm daily
Facebook: Raku Pizza 楽ピザ


  1. We have a similar joint here called Project Pie. It’s nice that you can create pizza by choosing the ingredients. The semi-open kitchen also makes the restaurant more enticing and attractive for most guests.

  2. I am game to try these unique looking pizzas. Definitely not the typical types we see at Pizza Hut. A bit pricey but that comes with experience. The big chef looks intimidating, is he?

  3. sounds like fun! will be a good choice for gathering, especially with those adventurous eaters and then having a good laugh should their special pizza flavours turn into big fails. hahaha!

  4. I’m so crazy with cheese pizza 😛 All the price also quite resoanable leh. Should try it out one day, since it is at Subang Jaya, quite near to Klang!

  5. Raku Pizza has the same concept as a pizzaria here we call Project Pie, gives the customers freedom to create their own pizza which I think is great.

  6. Photos are great, hope when we eat it, taste will be more great. Love to make my own pizza too…actually I have my own pizza in mind if I visited that place. Hmmppp…a lot of pineapple, cheese and ham…

  7. If I were to make my own pizza, I would probably put a lot of meat on it. Not to mention the cheese, spices, and whatnot. I need to try this out.

  8. Such a gorgeous pizza and lovely zigzag. A first i thought it is a cream drizzled over the pizza base to make a design and it has got that thin crust.

  9. I love all your photos of the pizza! Next time I take like yours too if you don’t mind <3
    Making me hungry with all the PIZZAA weeeeeeee

  10. The interior is bright and cheery – I like. The ingredients look ok, not fab though… I think overall the pasta dishes appeal to me more!


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