Nouveau 7 @ 10 Boulevard

If you are staying in Klang Valley, you may notice a trend in the F&B industry here – The rapid opening of cafe in different areas. Call up some friends during spare time and the place you will probably say is meeting up at cafe. Or at nightlife, maybe going to mamak or drink beer at club.  But me, I have a new place to go recently – Nouveau 7 at 10 Boulevard.
Located at no so popular area, a lot of KLites or PJ people missed this excellent retro bar/restaurant at 10 Boulevard. FYI, 10 Boulevard is a new developed shop lots area along Sprint Highway, near to KDU University and Uptown Damansara. If you drive along Sprint Highway near this area, you can easily spot Nouveau 7 from the roadside. 

Themed with warm lighting, Nouveau 7 becomes more cosy. Apart from that, the walls were decorated with photo frame while one of the sides has a pair of huge steel wings. Since 10 Boulevard is less crowded yet, Nouveau 7 is even more quite and relaxing. Now, you don’t need to go out of the town for regeneration.

Danny, me and our friends started our day with lighter meal – Bruschetta Platter. This platter is recommended for sharing because eight grilled French bread slices were served with different toppings. There are 4 toppings: Tuna & Onions, Chicken & Mango, Salmon & Pesto and Tomatoes & Onions. I tried the slice topped with chicken and mango, the bread was really crunchy. Meanwhile, the mango was sweet, eating together with the minced chicken, it was perfectly delicious.
Bruschetta Platter
Another starter you should try when dining at Nouveau 7 is Tuna Quiche. It is an open-faced pastry, filled with Gruyere cheese, tuna, eggs, herbs and cream. Along with the quiche, baked pumpkin-potato-cheese was served as side of the day. It was fully loaded with cheese which made it my favorite dish of the day.  
Tuna Quiche
Subsequently, we also had Nouveu 7’s Minestrone Soup and English Lamb Stew. Minestrone Soup is an Italian vegetables soup with beans, onions, celery, carrots, stock and tomatoes. Basically, it taste similar to Chinese borscht, but in addition with beans. To be honest, none of us have seen a minestrone soup with beans, and we found that it has added a depth for this appetizing soup. 
Minestrone Soup
If you are a fan of lamb, English Lamb Stew is specially for you. Countless lamb cubes were stewed with fresh herbs and vegetables. According to Danny, the stew was rich while the lamb was tender and juicy.
English Lamb Stew
Next, we finally had our main dishes. The first one was Striploin Steak. One of the best part of beef, thes striploin steak was well-marinated and flavorful. It was grilled in the way you like. For us, we had it in the medium rare way. Looking from the outside, we thought it was medium; however, when cutting it off, it was reddish-pink in the center.
Striploin Steak
If you are same with me, who don’t like red meat, I suggest you to try their Grilled Salmon Steak. Grilled in its natural juices, the salmon was glazed with traditional homemade lemon butter sauce. The salmon was perfectly grilled. With the sweet-smelting lemon butter sauce, the salmon steak was juicy.
Grilled Salmon Steak
Or you can have Sweet and Sour Chicken Chop. The chicken chop was pan-fried and served together with fries. The sauce was thick; yet slightly sweeter. We don’t feel to dip the chicken with the sauce. Having said so, the chicken chop was juicy and tender.
Sweet and Sour Chicken Chop
Other than western food, Nouveau 7 also serves Malaysian cuisine. One of our popular local food, Nasi Lemak was served here either chicken curry or chicken rendang. Chicken was served based on the flavor of the day. FYI, I am not nasi lemak expert, who can tell how different are nasi lemak A and nasi lemak B. However, the nasi lemak by Nouveau 7 is the most delicious and authentic flavor I have had among all. The chicken rendang was spicy, which promised to trigger your taste buds. 
Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang
Subsequently, Seafood Fried Rice was served. It was specially fried with calomari, prawns, green shell mussels and crab meats. This dish was flavorful, and all ingredients were pretty fresh. Due to its big portion, again, I recommend to share this dish.  It was delicious; however, it was slightly oily. 
Seafood Fried Rice 
Craving for dessert after main dish? Nouveau 7 serves very delectable and delicious cakes too. All cakes were very soft, I personally love the carrot cake a lot. And the durian cake was appealing, light scent of durian can be smelt when it was served. 
Durian Cake
Classic Cheese Cake
Carrot Cake
Overall, it was a very great dining experience with a bunch of friends. Due to its cozy ambiance, Danny and I agree to have our upcoming anniversary dinner at Nouveau 7. So, if you are seeking any bistro like this, don’t hesitate to visit Nouveau 7. They have friendly crew and serve really good food. 
Nouveau 7
Address: B-G-22, Block Bougainvillea,
10 Boulevard,Lebuhraya Sprint, 
PJU 6A, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03 – 7733 4997
Facebook: Nouveau 7


  1. I love the place interior. so cool and refreshing ambiance. Those foodies are indeed tempting. I would love to have that Seafood fried rice and the Durian cake on my table.

  2. Durian is a popular fruit in mindanao part of Philippines. How was it? It must be good! Im craving for that seafood with fried rice, omg

  3. OMG, did you get to eat all these food? I was like thinking, oh, I’m a tomato and salsa bruschetta girl, then I see the steak and I’m like, that steak is lonely for me….then I see the salmon and the shrimps…Wow, that’s like being in food haven for me!

  4. I like how the bistro has a wide range of food, from western to malay food.
    I’m going over to KL end of this month! Will you be free to meet up?

  5. I love how deceiving Nouveau 7 looks from the outside – what a lovely little find! The food looks amazing, plentiful and a varied range of dishes to choose from!

  6. I love that there are a lot of nice restaurants with great food in your country – it’s one of the reasons why I would love to come back. There are just many options that tourists will enjoy, like Nouveau for instance. The Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang looks good as well as the Bruschetta Platter. Everything looks delicious.

  7. why or why am I always attracted to the dessert pictures more than anything else! How was that cheesecake? The carrot cake looks like it’s bursting why goodness already!

  8. The restaurants ambiance looks very nice and so are their food! I personally like the steak & salmon! Looks very tasty.
    The plating of the courses were excellent but I find their dessert plating quite dull. Nevertheless, what is important is it’s taste. 🙂

  9. The restaurants ambiance looks very nice and so are their food! I personally like the steak & salmon! Looks very tasty.
    The plating of the courses were excellent but I find their dessert plating quite dull. Nevertheless, what is important is it’s taste. 🙂


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