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Hair care, not really a topic that I normally will talk about. If you have followed me from the very first blog till now, you probably notice and I do mention, I never have long hair. So yeah~ I don’t really know much about hair care. What I use is just normal counter brand shampoo, and sometimes conditioner. Yet, I decided to keep my hair growing for my pre-wedding shoot purpose, till now, it has been more than a year I have yet to have a serious haircut except trimming (which is only 2 times if not mistaken). Why am I saying this “grandma” story? Because since I have this longer and longer hair, my hair condition is getting worse. I realise my hair is getting oily much easier, and if I don’t use conditioner after shampoo, my hair is like broom T.T, with also so many broken hairs… I never thought this is due to inappropriate hair care until recently, I have finally visited my favorite hair salon and he told me what cause the problem. Such a coincidence, I was invited to review LAB 11 Full Lift Hair Care – Shampoo & Soft Mask.

LAB 11

LAB 11 is a creation of a team of experienced hair and beauty experts of Global Story – one of the industry market leader with 18 years of experience and service to millions of customers in Malaysia. LAB 11 believes that in the age of 11 is the best start to hair beauty and hence, LAB 11 has been formed.

FYI, LAB11 hair care products contains:

  1. No artificial colouring
  2. Fragrance free
  3. MIT/CMIT free
  4. 100% natural extract
  5. 100% pure essential oil

LAB11 Full Lift Shampoo

LAB11 Full Lift Shampoo contains natural watercress extracts that delivers high amounts of sulfur, zinc and magnesium to hair resulting stronger hair root, increased hair follicular density and plumping up the hair shaft to make hair look fuller. Hair will feel wonderfully lighter and visibly thicker after shampoo. 

Personally, I love the scent of this shampoo as it contains citrus. It is refreshing and definitely helps especially when I am back from work. BTW, this shampoo doesn’t foam easily. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should apply more till you see a lot of bubbles. Just use the suitable amount, else, it is kinda hair to wash.

Check out the direction of use below ↓ ↓ ↓

LAB11 Full Lift Soft Mask

LAB11 Full Lift Soft Mask is the perfect after-shampoo remedy that is rich in Moroccan argan oil with high vitamin E, olive oil and amino acids rejuvenates hair, protect the follicle beds, and improve the shine and overall appearance of hair. Use this soft mask after shampoo to replenish, hydrate and restructure hair from split ends and broken hair shafts to reduce frizz and static

My hairstylist did suggest me to get a hair mask to nourish my hair. So yeah, before this product review, I have started to use hair mask everyday. For me, the hair mask is quite similar to conditioner, but it was claimed to give a better result than conditioner. And also, you can DIY hair treatment by simply applying the hair mask and wash only after 10 to 15 minutes. I think LAB11 Full Lift Soft Mask does a great job; yet, I recommend who has oily scalp, do not apply it on your hair roots for the first week of application. You might find your hair scalp get oily faster than usual because your pores are still blocked. So use the shampoo to clean first, then only start applying on the roots after 1 week.

Direction of use as below  ↓ ↓ ↓

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with LAB11 Full Lift hair care products. I have been using it for a week. Not really big difference from the before-after photo, yet, through the touch and hair condition, I can feel the result. If you are looking for hair care products, do check LAB11 Full Lift out.

More info/update, find/check:

Address: 17, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 3, Nautilus Bay, 11600 Pulau Pinang.
Tel: ​04 – 281 0861
Facebook: Lab11_International
Instagram: @lab11_international


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