Weekend Rock with Diamond & Arissto Music Party


What we probably do during the weekend? Laying on our bed at home? Or maybe just a movie date, shopping etc. And sometimes, we may have party or gathering. Two weeks ago, I was invited to join the Diamond & Arissto Music Party at One City. FYI, it is a FREE music party exclusively for Diamond & Arissto customers. Every customer is welcome to tag along friends and families to join the music party~ So, I went and enjoy the fun with my dearest~
A quick intro for whom doesn’t know about Diamond and Arissto. I am sure most people know about Diamond Coral for a long period. It is the one of the top international water filtration system in Malaysia. Probably a lot of people are using their water filter already. Meanwhile, Arissto is a sister brand of Diamond Coral. There is nothing related with water filtration system, but Arissto aims to educate public “What is real coffee?”. They serves premium coffee all the way from Italy. Just a single press on the coffee machine, you can make a cup of great coffee.

Nowadays, photobooth seems to be a must for a party. Honestly speaking, this backdrop is truly beautiful!

There were some props prepared by the organiser too. Just feel free to choose your favorite one and snap a photo.


We were a little late. The party has begun; singers were taking turns to sing on the stage. We missed quite a few, but we were able to watch the others, such as dancing performance.


Besides, the organiser also had a knowledge sharing session and tasting session with the audience too.


This is a 3-hour music party. So, what if you are hungry or thirsty? No worries, food and drink were served. Wow!!! FREE music FREE food! Isn’t it a great thing ever?



Diamond water dispenser and Arissto coffee machine were everywhere. You can try them out yourself or seek for any crew to make you a drink.



It was a rock weekend with Diamond & Arissto. Free music, free food and even free gift! Seriously, this is awesome. Missed the music party? No worries. I am sure they will have another one in near future. Do keep an eye on Diamond & Arissto website/social media pages.

More info/update, find/follow:

Diamond Coral
Website: http://www.diamondcoral.com
Facebook: Diamond Coral

Arissto Coffee
Website: http://arissto.com
Facebook: Arissto Official


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