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Did I ever tell you I am a big shopper of Taobao? I started shopping in Taobao few years back before Taobao actually go viral in Southeast Asia. I learned how to buy and how to ship it from China to Malaysia myself and I even became one of the Taobao agents in Malaysia. Wow, sounds great, isn’t it? However, you will never know the pain of it to deal with different sellers, then liaise with courier service myself, convert MYR to CNY etc. I even experienced to go warehouse at Subang Airport just to check the on hold shipment, and I got lost in there. Seriously, why I want to torture myself like that? And eventually, I found It helps me to resolve all the headache issues I encountered in the past years!
FYI, is the online shopping paradise where shoppers in Malaysia can buy things from Taobao. The currency is absolutely MYR, you don’t need to calculate yourself anymore. After ordering, will place your order in Taobao and arrange shipment delivery when the items are ready to send to Malaysia.  As such, is a alike to pre-order website. showcases a wide range of products you can buy from China; mainly fashion and accessories, but not limited to home deco, phone/tablet accessories as well as pet accessories. 
How to buy?
Step 1: Register an account
To shop with, you would have to register an account. Once register, it will direct you to the login page immediately. You can easily find the register and login button on the right top of their homepage. 
Step 2: Add your delivery address
After login, you will be directed to “Account Management”. Click “My Address-book” to add your delivery address. Or you can click your email address on right top after login. A drop-down bar will be shown, then click “My Address Book”.
Step 3: Browse the items
After that, you can start choosing your items in FYI, you can either choose to view in English or Chinese. However, if you can read in Chinese, I would highly suggest you to view in Chinese. This is because the website is using direct online translator to translate their page to English, you may find some weird sentence structures. 
Step 4: Add to cart
Once you have found your desired products, select color, size and quantity, then click “Buy Now”. A box will pop up and ask you to confirm your purchase order. And if you have any special request, you can make a note there. So far, I didn’t write any special note, so couldn’t give any example. Once you click add to cart, you can continue to shop. 
Step 5: Check out
Once you done to add all the items into cart, click the trolley icon on right which is parallel with the item categories. Then click view cart, you will be directed to your cart. Here you can modify your order, either you would like add or remove the item before checkout. It will also show you the total and the shipping cost of your order. Click “Checkout”, you will be brought to select your deliver address. Then, you are again, required to confirm your order. If you have any voucher, you can redeem it now before truly checking out. I found the checkout took more time than I normally do in other online store. If they could just put all in one page, it is even grateful.
Step 6: Make payment
And now, finally come to the last step – make payment. has a Maybank account. You can choose online banking transfer. Currently, they don’t support credit card payment. For online transfer, I forgot it is mobile88 or EFS system. You won’t be charged with Giro bank transfer when you are using this for payment. However, if you are choosing, CIMB Clicks, RHB Now and Hong Leong Bank Connect, you will be charged according to your bank. 
For those who does not have internet banking, you can choose to cash deposit into Cincaibuy’s bank account. The only thing you would have to do after bank-in will be notify them via Email/SMS/WhatsApp with your bank-in amount, date and order ID. After payment, your can see your order status updated as confirm payment. The next thing to do is wait for your parcel!
I actually consult their customer service before placing order. They told me the shipment will arrive within 12 – 15 days. However, mine arrived my doorstep around 10 days. Well, with my own experience with Taobao, the shipment arrival fully depends on how fast all the items reach the warehouse in China. Since I only bought two items, the arrival was fast compared to other shoppers who bought more.
Overall, my shopping experience with was satisfying. I will love them more if they can shot me an email to update my order status in future. I mean if they can actually keep me update with when the shipment will arrive. 

For more information, find/follow at:
Tel: 018 969 9589


    • Thanks for the compliment. I am using Canon Eos 600D with kit lens. And also a flash. But the most important is to have natural light when shooting. And also do some necessary editing using lightroom/photoshop.

  1. Ooh I tried Cincaibuy before too! I didn’t know they shipped from China the first time, so I was really shocked by the shipping fees! haha. But they do have a wide variety and easier to navigate than taobao.

  2. Thanks for your sharing. I always heard good comments about shopping online with taobao, but I dont know how to. Now after reading your blog, I can shop as I wish to buy things from taobao: )

  3. OMG this is so cool. I should try this website rather I taobao at as it can cause a lot of problem T.T
    Thanks for sharing this awesome website for us! XOXO

  4. I hate taobao. Well, mainly because I don’t read Chinese. Lol. Anyway, I bought stuff from Cincaibuy before. The site is a bit glitchy but the service is splendid!

    • Couldn’t read Chinese truly has a little difficulty in buying in Taobao even they have google translate. But we knew how good will the translation be.

  5. Heard so much before about, will definitely give it a try, and thanks for the step by step instructions, time for some shopping spree 🙂


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