Interview with BookUp: Buy/Sell Your 2nd Book!

Hi guys!
It seems I disappear for few days.
Well, I am back!
Brought to you, my interview with BookUp last week!

It’s my pleasure to have an interview with Mike, Corporate Manager from BookUp last Tuesday.
I guess you are curious what is BookUp?
What BookUp do? and more.
So, in this post, I am going to tell you more about Book Up.

Me: What is BookUp?
Mike: BookUp is a startup aiming to solve two of students main problem, expensive price of textbooks and excess of unwanted textbooks at the end of the semester.
Our idea is simple. We take those unwanted books and sell it on the students behalf. At one side, you get to clear off their unwanted books and on the other side, someone gets to buy it at a cheaper price. It’s a win-win situation.
At first, our target was to sell textbooks only but our business expanded rather quickly and now, we have quite a number of fiction and non-fictions books as well.

Me: BookUp is Malaysia-based website, is foreign students eligible to sell their books through BookUp too?
Mike: Oh yes of course, in fact, we have quite a number of foreign students who are selling with us.

Me: I realized that pick-up service only provided for WM seller, if EM seller would like to sell their book in BookUp, they would need to deliver through courier service?
Mike: Yes, unfortunately, they will have no choice but to courier it to us. However, our team is working hard to negotiate a better rate for courier so that we can offer free pickup for East Malaysians as well.

Me: As stated, free pick-up service only for quotation more than RM150, so, if quotation is less than RM150, how much seller would need to pay for the pickup service?
Mike: Only a small amount of RM20 for Peninsular Malaysia.
Me: Will the information of seller be mentioned in the selling books’ webpage?
Mike: No, the information of the seller is private and confidential
Me: Any free shipping for those who purchase book? If yes, what is the minimum amount of
Mike: For buyer, there will be no free delivery. Our books are priced very low and that is why our margin
doesn’t allow us to offer free delivery.

Me: I notice BookUp only have MBB and CIMB internet banking, if the buyer does not have internet banking account, can they do cash deposit for the payment? 
Mike: We do not have that service yet but that is a very good suggestion. We will be looking into that as an option

Me: Does BookUp provide COD? Any specific area and time?
 Mike: We only COD in Ipoh. Time can be arranged when the buyer contacts me. 

Me: If the buyer would like to ask for the condition/more details of the desired book, what can they do? They will contact the seller personally/BookUp?
Mike: They can contact me directly via WhatsApp and I can send them more pictures of the book. Our service is very fast and easy when it comes to condition checking. 

Me: Does BookUp accept return/refund on the sold items? 
Mike: We do not accept any sort of refund due to the fact that we are selling used books. 

Affiliate Program
Me: How affiliate get paid? Cheque will be issued or direct transfer into his/her bank account?
Mike: We will directly bank in to our affiliates at the end of the month. Some interesting fact for you, some of our affiliate gets more than RM200 extra income every  month from sales!

Me: Do affiliate need to provide their income tax number to BookUp for this affiliate earning?  *Some affiliate programs require to deduct the earning for income tax report, so I am asking this question*
Mike: No, our affiliate system does not require that. This move is so that more students (who doesn’t not have income
tax number yet) are more interested to be our affiliates.
My interview with Mike ended up with 11 questions stated above.
I really appreciate that Mike offers me a chance to interview him.
Hope the questions I asked help to solve your doubt.
If you have further inquiry, you can contact Mike at 016-422 1018.
Or if you are ready to sell your second hand books,
sign up at now!



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