Be Brave, Control Your Inner Hero!

Hi everyone!
Today I am sharing a very meaningful campaign with you.
It is called Be Brave..
Be Brave is a campaign launched by A. Menarini,
in which this campaign aimed to educate and inspire men with premature ejaculation (PE) to speak up about their condition and provoke women to advocate for their partners.

What is Premature Ejaculation (PE)?

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is the inability to control or delay ejaculation before or shortly after penetration. It is also commonly known as ‘premature orgasm’, ‘early ejaculation’, ‘coming (cumming) too quickly’, ‘come (cum) too fast’ or ‘rapid ejaculation’. —

Facts about Premature Ejaculation
Here are some facts that everyone should know about PE.

  • 1 in 3 men in Asia Pacific suffers from some form of premature ejaculation.
  • PE is different from erectile dysfunction (ED)! They require different treatments!
  • Malaysian men came out on the top among Asia Pacific region who are lack of the understanding on PE.
PE is the men’s problem?
It is believed that PE is men’s problem. However, today we are telling you it isn’t. Women also play an important role easing the tension which caused their men suffer from PE. Research showed that 62% of men would more likely to seek for assistance if their partner advise them to do so.
Why? Because men were often depressed and embarrassed with their condition of PE. This caused them don’t want to discuss the issue first. But, if their partners make a move beforehand, men become more willing to seek for help.

So, now you know more about premature ejaculation?
Let’s have some fun in this campaign!
In conjunction with this Be Brave campaign, an online quiz has been developed in the official FB Fanpage: Be Brave MY!
The quiz is named as Which Inner Hero Are You
Which Inner Hero Are You is designed to be played by both men and women;
that women play to discover which inner hero matches their partners’ personality,
while men play to discover their own inner hero.
A. Menarini urges the public to play the quiz to discover their inner hero,
subsequently encourages public to take a step in seeking further information on the subject matter.

I found this quiz is quite interesting,
so I decided to play it.
It only took me 5 minutes to complete the questions.
As mentioned earlier, this quiz is designated for both gender.
Apparently I took the one for female.
Love the design and the layout of the quiz.
Because of the graphic, I didn’t feel boring.
Since it is about inner hero, the design is just right for the theme!

Want to know more?
Okay, I will share it briefly.
In total, there are 7 questions with 5 choices.
Basically the questions are asking participants describe the your partner/yourself as XXX in different situation.
The question short and simple,
you don’t need to use plenty of time to understand.
Same go to the answer.
Some may a little bit longer,
but trust me, it is easy to understand.
Below are some questions in the quiz.
I found the questions in the quiz are intriguing.
I expected it will ask more on the personality of my partner,
but, it isn’t.
Like the screenshot above, I didn’t expect it will be asked to examine inner hero.
I know my dear wish to go Paris.
But, I have chosen backpacking around Europe.
Because Europe trip still including backpack to Paris what. =D
I think most of the girls will choose some romantic movies.
But I didn’t. Guess what I choose?
I chose Thor! Not a fan of Twilight, watched other movies as well.
And I know my dear will fall in sleep when watching those love story.
So, even it sounds strange when we’re getting steamy, I chose Thor. 

Okay, not going to show all the questions.
You should find out the questions yourself in the quiz >>
Too much pre-exposure will influence your instinct. =3
After 7 questions, here’s my result.

The quiz tells me my partner’s inner hero is Brave Machine.
I was thinking of my dear when taking this quiz…
Haha! See? I am totally safe beside him! **Feeling sweet & lovely now**
I am so excited and I quickly called my dear to join this quiz too.
Because I want to see whether he will get the same result as I do.
But…. Guess what, he got the Love Magnet!!!
Different from mine huh…
But yeah, he does always melt my heart.. **Again sweet and shy**
As you see the right top, there is a blue part~~
Click there, it will direct you to
You’re not alone!
PE is not your fault.
Don’t be self-abased!
Seek for assistance from expert,
or first, understand it through and take control of it!
And if you are unsure whether you are one of the persons suffering from this issue,
you can take the Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool (PEDT quiz).
We need to push our man to face the issue.
Discuss with them if your partner is suffering from this issue.
Sometimes, men are like kids.
They want us to show some intimate love to make move.
So, sisters, let’s team up and encourage them!

For more details about Be Brave campaign, visit their FB fanpage: Be Brave MY
if you need more information on PE, visit


  1. It’s great that you have written about this campaign on your blog. The more we talk about this, the less people will keep it under wraps! It is nothing to hide… its a treatable condition and medical help should be sought.

  2. It is alarming that 1 in 3 men in Asia Pacific encounters this illness. Does weather or the spicy foods we eat trigger premature ejaculation?

  3. I hope this comes to steady effect for a person who needs it. This is a medical issue and must be dealt with care and concern.

  4. That is a great campaign elaborating on a meaningful topic that unfortunately affects an increasing number of young people. I know a friend who has such an issue but he is too shy to talk about it in front of specialists and he feels ashamed to search for help. It is great to give strength to people and publicity to such health problems.

  5. This is an odd (and abit awkward) but interesting post and campaign. I would think the hero in everyone means the good and courage in people… But it’s unique to have it in sexual sense. Haha…. Nice one!

  6. I admire that you are promoting something dear to your heart, but this is not something I would want to make public if I had this issue. It is a little too private to share with someone other then your doctor and your partner..

  7. This is a very sensitive subject that probably affects more men than we know. If “Be Brave” helps more men to get treatment, that would be great.

  8. It is interesting to observe that the campaign is not a government nationwide campaign but a marketing campaign by a pharmaceutical brand.
    Although their intentions are correct because as you said 1 in 3 suffers from it, it would have been more powerful if they get government backing as we get the impression it’s a major problem in the country. As long as they are not pushing their products, it’s a great campaign to increase awareness.


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