Roar: I'm Graduated!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
"I'm graduated!" =D

Okay, so far, I am just practicing to shout it~~
Not officially graduated yet.
My convo is around the corner,
it is on this coming Sunday, 27th April 2014.

Yesterday was having my pre-grad. photography @ Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside.
Need not to say, my photographer is my lovely dear dear, Mr Danny Chuah~~~ =)
It's good to have a photographer as boyfriend. >.<
So that I could take photographs without spending money.. haha~~
I'm just joking, but this is true what?!
See, my photographer was setting up..
So, I took a "behind the scene" selfie~~ =p
Ohhhh.... My eye bags!!!!
I have slept 10 hours the previous day,
but.... it seems useless... =(

Back to the point,
We were taking photographs at Putrajaya Lakeside.
Seriously, Putrajaya is so big!
The lakeside is at Presint 5, far from the Presint 2 we went for the Hot Air Balloons Fiesta.
Panorama Shoot by Me: The lake view @ Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside 
Forgive the tiny little photo,
it is panorama shoot by my Galaxy Note III~~
A little bit too small to view all the details..

There is a very beautiful resort there,
but, we can't take our photo shooting there.
We have been halau by the officer there because we are not their guests. =(
So, we only took at the allowed area -- outside the resort.
I was standing at the stairs of the lakeside.
The weather was not that hot,
since it was raining previously.
Argh! Raining~~~
Yeah, I think I am really the blessed one.
It was raining when we were on the way to Putrajaya Lakeside.
And I was really sad because I worried our plan will be spoiled.
But then, when we arrived,
the rain stopped!
And it only returns when we left that place. =0
So lucky, right?
Personally favorite this blending photographs much~~~
Thank you my dear for doing the blending effect.
This is my special request.
As you can see, I used it as my header image.
I'm in love with this awesome shoots. ❤
I will never forget my theses..
It was a painful period,
but, memorable!
I love my thesis very much.
It was like giving birth to a baby~~
Don't get me wrong, I never have a baby still.
I mean the experience is similar to a mum gives birth to her baby. ;)

I guess some of you may wonder what course I was taking.
Well, I am a Psychology graduan.
No No No~~~ I can't read your mind...
I study behavior, not mind reading, okay?
There is no such course that teach people read mind.
Instead, Psychology major does a lot of prediction.
Get it?
Of course, as a Degree graduan,
this shoot shouldn't be omitted!
Yeah!!! I am a happy kid~~~ =D
Well, the convo is still coming soon...
Will definitely update again.
The pre-graduation photography is not complete yet.
My parents are not in...
I will definitely want them to photograph with me this Saturday when they come to town.

Lastly, the photographs of mine with my dear...
And this is why tripod and self-timer are important!
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