Noodle Shack 麵粉居 @ IPC

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Noodle Shack 麵粉居 is one of my favorite dining places in KL.
I am a Pan Mee lover~~~ =D
Personally like to go Noodle Shack @ IPC but not other branch,
because of their services.

It was more than a month I have not been to Noodle Shack.
And, they have some new decorations.
Don't know it's just me or everyone has the same thought,
I always feel their decoration is cute and nice.
And the most important, it's made by recycled items!
Really a Go-Green restaurant. =)
If not mistaken, the can they used to put order form and pencil is a charity donation.
There is a label tied at the corner.
See the sheep on the board?
Don't you think they are cute?
They are made by cotton buds and ice-cream sticks!

And did you notice the shop signboard?
Well, it isn't a normal signboard.
it is their handmade wall clock too!
How creative they are, right?
Images taken from Noodle Shack FB Fanpage

The reason I choose Noodle Shack because of its food quality.
Why do I say so?
They also practice LESS SALT & LESS OIL~~
If you are a healthy food lover, Noodle Shack is your choice.
That night, I ordered Hakka Salted Fish Dry Flat Noodle.
And my dear ordered Traditional Mian Fen Guo.
Initially, we would like to order Spinach Min Fen Guo,
but they have sold out. =(
Remember the first time ordering the spinach noodle,
I was curious will it taste like eating vege.
But, it didn't let me down.
I love its taste.
Also, we ordered 2 pax of fermented Puer tea.
As I said, I only like to go Noodle Shack @ IPC.
The crews here are always attentive and polite.
They work efficiently too.
Less than 2 minutes, our tea was served.
(Of course this depends on how many tables have taken their orders.)
Fermented Puer Tea RM3/pax

I like this type of teapot and cup too,
because I don't need to worry holding it even it's hot. =)
There is a filter on the teapot,
so I don't need to worry about the tea leaves too.

Around 5 minutes,
our noodles come~
Yeah... Finally I can have my dinner!
I was so hungry that day.. =X
Salted Fish Dry Flat Noodle RM8.90

This is my special order,
I don't like the vege and onion.
So I have written a remark for removing both of that items.
That's why it look so colorless. >.<
Traditional Mian Fen Guo RM8.90

Do they look delicious?
Are they delicious?
Yeah! Of course~~~

= Exclusive for Ikea Family Members =
Are you Ikea Family Member?
Great news for you!
You can receive a 20% off when dining @ Noodle Shack, IPC!
Privileges valid only from 1st March 2014 - 31st May 2014

Noodle Shack
Address: Lot LG 66-67, IPC Shopping Centre, No. 2, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03 7732 2384
Official Website:

= Additional Information = 
There are various choices in their menu,
but, we only have two persons,
we cannot order more..
They also serve meatless food (NOT vegetarian) and snacks.
For menu, you can view it online.

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