Wild Coffee & Tea @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

— As at 10 July 2015, this cafe has turned down their business and replaced by other cafe. —
Hello foodies~~
A post regarding F&B today!
Perhaps you can visit there for meal later?
Thanks for Wild Coffee Asia for the exclusive invitation two weeks ago!
Here we go, my humble review on Wild Coffee & Tea @ Bandar Puteri Puchong.
Wild Coffee & Tea is a Japanese fusion cafe.
However, it serves more than just Japanese cuisine.
Wild Coffee serves premium coffees, teas and other beverages,
as well as authentic dishes from Korea, China, Italy etc.
Wild Coffee provides its customers a relaxing space.
Customers can held gathering with family and friend here.
And they are caring enough to have a play corner for children.
The interior design of Wild Coffee is simple.
The wall of non-air-conditioned space is decorated in cowboy-themed wallpaper.
Customers may find Shisha at Wild Coffee & Tea.
If you are a book lover, Wild Coffee is a place for you.
There are some books given by some kind-hearted customers.
You are free to pick any book to read.
Imagine you are served with you favorite drinks, 
reading a book you love in a silent and relaxing cafe.
How joyful is it?
Perhaps, you can be the kind-hearted one,
giveaway your books to Wild Coffee. 😉
Recommended by Wild Coffee, 
I have ordered its chef’s choice — Angry Bird.
A grilled chicken chop;
which was well-marinated with special spicy kimchi sauce,
served with homemade coleslaw and tamago.
If you were following me for a while, 
you may know I don’t eat spicy food.
However, I was blessed that they make a special less spicy Angry Bird for me.
Angry Bird! @ RM18.90
Kimchi is never my choice, 
but this Angry Bird definitely changed my mind.
It tasted like herbal chicken, yet, it has the taste of Takoyaki Chicken; 
especially when you eat with tamago.

Apart from the food, I have ordered a glass of hot chocolate.
While Danny ordered Sudanese Rose Tea.
My poor loved one was suffering from diarrhea that day unfortunately.
Wild Coffee recommended him  to drink this tea which can help rejuvenating body and high in Vitamin C.

Hot Chocolate @ RM6.95
Sudanese Rose Tea @ RM5
For lady who wants to lose weight, 
you can order Sudanese Rose Tea too, 
as it also claims to help in weight loss.
The rose tea originally tasted slightly sourish with rose-scented.
For people who doesn’t love sourish drink,
you may consider to add some sugar.

After finish the main course,
We were offered a dessert which is also a chef’s recommendation — Home-baked Coffee Pudding with Ice-cream.

Home-baked Coffee Pudding with Ice-cream @ RM19.50
I don’t like the bitterness of coffee, 
but I highly encourage you to try this pudding.
The pudding is soft and covered with light coffee taste.
Adding on the topping, which made by peanut and coffee?
Not sure the actual ingredients.
It taste like peanut with coffee.
The topping makes the pudding even delicious.
You may try this out yourself when visiting Wild Coffee & Tea.

We were fully pampered by Wild Coffee & Tea that afternoon.
Once, thanks Will Coffee Asia for the invitation.
The food are delicious and we enjoyed our time there.
Not forget to mention, the door gift from Wild Coffee – Coffee Body Scrub!
It was made by Wild Coffee Asia with coffee, brown sugar and ground cinnamon.
I have yet to try this body scrub. 
I will come back with its review soon.  =)

Wild Coffee & Tea
Address: 27-1, Jalan Puteri 1/6, 
Bandar Puteri, Puchong.
Tel: +603 8066 0353
Business hour: 9.30am – 10pm daily except Monday
(3pm – 6pm high tea only)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wildcoffeeasia
FYI, you may book Wild Coffee & Tea for private party and catering.
Call them or drop them an email: ayana@wildcoffee.asia for more details.
To get there, you may use Waze to search 27-1, Jalan Puteri 1/6.


  1. With nice ambiance, great food and drinks and free wi-fi, I think I can stay at this coffee house the entire day. Too bad it’s far from here.

  2. It’s all about coffee!! I like it. Give me the Angry Bird, home-made baked coffee pudding, and sudanese rise tea, please!! ^_^

  3. Like the concept of the TV and cups hanging off the ceiling… Looks like a place to chill for the whole day and do nothing but chat and relax…
    Does it provide free wifi and power point plugs too? Good for work discussion too~

  4. I love coffee and books but if only it wasn’t so far as Puchong! Might drop by there if I have meetings in that area. Pricing seems reasonable

  5. The whole place looks so classy, there is a kids corner where they can enjoy while the parents relax with a cup of hot chocolate (because that is my favorite drink, lol). A really incredible environment!


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