Left Behind (2014)

Thanks Klips for the regular passes of Left Behind.
Without warning, millions of people around the globe simply vanish. The vanishings cause unmanned vehicles to crash and burn. Emergency forces everywhere are devastated. Gridlock, riots and looting overrun the cities. And there is no one to help or provide answers. The earth has been plunged into darkness. For Ray Steele (Nicolas Cage), the pilot of a jumbo jet, it means trying to calm hysterical passengers and trying to land his damaged plane when airports are jammed with burning wrecks.

It is quite disappointing movie I have watched among all this year.
I was expecting more than this, 
or they are going to have sequel?
If yes, they will definitely lose me on that.
Somehow, I found that Left Behind was quite offending to non-Christians or who are not faithful enough.
It seems bringing message to the audiences this is the result not to be faithful to God.
I seriously think this is really a wrong act!

Overall, Left Behind is not worth to watch.
It is totally a waste!
Don’t spoil your own day for this.

Rating: 1/5


  1. I haven’t seen the video yet. And since I’m a fan of Cage’s, it really is disappointing to know. Anyhow, I’m still gonna watch it. Hoping that it will yield opposite result. Thanks for the honest review, though.

  2. A lot of movies revolve around Christianity and God punishing mankind.. Legion is one such movie. I don’t feel offended even though I’m a non-believer, just that the movie doesn’t appeal much to me. :/

  3. LOL, I really like Nicholas Cage as an actor so I will probably see this someday, but thanks for the warning to not waste money on the theatre!

  4. I was surprised by your review. I have friends who watched this movie in the cinema and have told me it was a good watch. Now, I’m more eager to watch it and see for myself what it’s really about.

  5. oh. i was planning to watch this movie. hmmmm.. i don’t think if it’s still showing here… maybe i’ll just download it for the sake of knowing what it’s about.

  6. hmm, i havent heard of this movie. did i miss it or it hasn’t aired in sg yet?
    but i’m quite a cage fan and if its still showing i guess i’ll still watch it.

  7. Thanks for your reviews. I think movies which are skewed religion-wise will then to draw alot of criticisms. Your extreme bad ratings have convinced me not to waste my $$!

  8. It’s a shame that the movie ain’t up to standards. The books were great. However, I think the storyline gets draggy so I didn’t continue reading them. I think it was more than a decade when I first read them in my school library. (From Christian school, but am not a Christian).


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