Financio: An Accounting Cloud Software for Non-Accountants


Nowadays, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Yeah, why not? As long as you know what you are doing, and you are putting in effort to work it out, that is great! Well, I am an entrepreneur too. Tried few business natures and encounter lots of challenges which make me who I am today. Regardless what business it is, I can tell, the most common No. 1 entrepreneur’s problem is the financial report! If you are an accountant, this is not a big issue for you. But, I believe not everyone is an accountant. Double entry, balance sheet…. Gosh! What are they???? STAY CALM buddies~~ I have a solution for you.. Stick with me, ok?

Let’s speak the truth. Every business is about to make money. So, does your business is making money? Big or small? Or it is losing.. In addition, at the end of every year, you need to declare your income tax. (Seriously, this is the most headache part of mine recently as our reporting date is near… Have you done yours?) How do you track all these financial things?

Well, I was an accounting student before (for few years), I still remember some booking keeping knowledge. Hence, during my first business, I did all the things my own. I spent days to settle the report. Just like Jye…..

Okay la… Not so pity like Jye~ At least I have some basic knowledge.. But, it looks like this~~~

This is just part of it. But it kills much time!

As a startup, you might not have the money to hire a permanent accountant. You can get someone to do the report once a year. Yet, you would have to provide all those related invoices, receipts, notes for the accountant. So, how to pass the accountant all the info he/she needs to help you summarizing all these into one report? Let’s check out Financio…


Financio is designed to be used by non-accountants, it is user-friendly and does not require any accounting knowledge to operate. It also allows the sender and recipient of the transaction to communicate and share documents on the same platform.

Let the short clip tell you more…

Awesome, isn’t it? It basically takes away most of the bookkeeping process. What users need to do is put in the sales and purchase figures. How about the rest such as double entries, generate reports and tax records? No worries, the system will do it for you. Then, by the end of year, just print all the reports out and hand over to your temporary accountant to help you report your income tax! **Claps please**

I was invited to join the official launch of Financio few weeks ago. It is a software developed by Asian Business Software Solutions Sdn Bhd (ABSS), an Australias software solution company. However, Financio is a software created by 100% Malaysian team, to suit all the entrepreneurs’ need in Malaysia. All in all, Financio is an accounting software for the Malaysians.
Apart from these report generating features, Financio also offers a feature called “Financio Connect”, which allows business partners to add each other as friends in Financio. What if your supplier or client is not using Financio? No worries, they can still receive your invoice and receipt by email.
Financio promises to keep improving and adding more features. Users can try Financio for free and use the full function-rich premium version with a low entry cost of RM32.95 a month or RM329.50 a year. Currently, the launch version is in English, with the Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese versions to be launched by the 2nd quarter of 2017.

Will it hard to learn? No! Just like how you get to know all the features on Facebook. You don’t need a person to teach you how to use Facebook right? Same as Financio. Check out Financio now at
More info/update, find them on Facebook – Financio



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