How To Get Cash Rebate When Shopping Online Without Credit Card?

Friday, June 12, 2015
We, human, love credit card isn't only because it is convenient but also the feature of cash rebate. However, to be a credit card holder, there are pre-requisites. And hence, not everyone has a credit card. Recently, I come across a website whereby you don't need to have credit card in order to get cashback! Immediately I think of sharing this great site with you all, and here we go~ Let's ShopBack our cash~
The concept of ShopBack is quite simple to understand. Basically, it means you get cash rebate when you shop at the merchants which collaborate with ShopBack. FYI, ShopBack is not only in Malaysia or Singapore, they are expanding to Southeast Asia and the latest one, Philippines! So Filipino, this is also a great news to you~

Below are some merchants which collaborate with ShopBack. I think you are quite familiar with some merchants such as Groupon, Lazada, Agoda etc. And also, it is clear enough that ShopBack have stated the rebate percentage of the merchants before you actually click into it. Besides, the sidebar on the left showed the categories of the products which make it easy for the user to search for cashback merchants.
In order to get the cashback reward, you definitely have to signed up in ShopBack. Sign up either with Facebook or email. Then, check your email for verification. I urge you to fill up the account details before you start your online shopping. This is because the cash rebate reward will be credited back into your ShopBack account. If your details are incomplete, it may cause some problem in earning back your cash.
After completing the account information, it is time to shop NOW! I personally love putting an eye on Groupon's deals. In order to earn cashback when purchasing deal in Groupon, go to ShopBack and choose Groupon (you may see Groupon featured on ShopBack's sidebar.) I was directed to the page below before start shopping at Groupon.
Check out Groupon in ShopBack
Click "Get Cashback" and I was brought to the Groupon website. Then, what I need to do is just shopping like usual. Choose the deal/product I want to buy, add to cart and pay.

Note: On the page before bringing you to the merchant's website, it clearly stated the duration for getting cashback and notes for cashback. 
Directing to Groupon's website
However, some merchants are not giving back certain percentage of cash rebate. They prefer to tell you how much they cashback to you. For example, Agoda in ShopBack is giving RM25 cash rebate to the shoppers. 
To track the cashback information, click "Cashback Details" on the sidebar. I quite love the way ShopBack display the cashback information because it is neat and easy to understand.
Checkout Agoda in ShopBack
To receive your cashback reward from ShopBack, shopper can either choose to pay into Paypal or to the local bank account. Set your payment method under "Account >> My Payments".
 And the last step will be request payout and wait ShopBack to give back your cash! So, what's next?
  1. Signup at ShopBack now:
  2. Give up the chance to earn cashback
I know you are not going to miss this awesome cashback reward, aren't you?

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