DIY Couple Photoshoot #1: Ulu Yam

Sunday, May 31, 2015
Hello everyone~ From my deep heart core, I am truly grateful to share you my first ever DIY couple shooting with Danny.  Since I fall for photography, I always have a wish to have my own DIY photoshooting together with my love~ And finally, one week before our 2nd anniversary, Danny made my wish came true!

Ulu Yam is the first place in our mind for this photoshoot. Reason simply because we saw many awesome photographs were taken there and we love exploring places that can have short getaway from Klang Valley. For who doesn't know, Ulu Yam isn't too far from KL. It is about an hour drive to this beautiful farmland.
We didn't plan ahead on how to pose, everything was impromptu. Every smile wasn't set. When looking into a loved one's eye, you directly felt yourself filled with love, and smile, showed up. 
We go for low (or zero) budget; and hence, we only wore our favourite tee and I did my own makeup. Of course, camera and tripod are a MUST. 
Total time spent for this photoshoot session was about one hour. It was a very great experience for both of us. We really love this couple shooting by our own. Everything was quite smooth, rain came only when we started packing to leave. Well, this is the first and will never be the only DIY shoot of ours. More to come, stay tune ya~ ;)
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