The Café by Photo Crafts @ Kota Damansara

Saturday, September 20, 2014
Say hi to foodies again!
I am blogging about food today.
The Café by Photo Crafts.

Not sure my luck is good or bad,
this café was closed two days after I visited them (It's end of July).
I have been struggling for some times,
still, I decided to blog it.
Because their FB Fanpage said they are moving to Sunway University,
and they are currently hiring! 
So, should be re-opening soon?

There is reason I love this café.
It is photography-themed.
You will see different lomo cameras at The Café.
And also photography books.
Meanwhile, they also decorated the walls with DIY photo frames.
Saw how they hang their photo frame?
They are using used film rolls.
That is a creative way to decorate the café.
I am sure, photography lover; especially those love analogue photography, will enjoy here.
Not forget to mention,
The Café is selling products from official Lomography website.
The price is reasonable.
So, for those who want to buy items from Lomography,
perhaps you may try your luck at The Café for ready stock?
I love ordering Fish & Chips as my meal every time I went to The Café.
The portion is big.
The fish at The Café was covered with just right amount of batter.
Some café out there always added too much batter on the fish.
And the tartar sauce is delicious.
I always end up requesting additional cup.
Danny loves burger much,
so he ordered a beef burger there.
Same as my fish and chips, the portion is quite big.
A knife was placed from the top to bottom of the burger,
personally think it looks like killing.. @@
We ordered two cups of hot honey lemon.
So it can waive away the greasiness.
At a glance, I highly recommended The Café by Photo Crafts.
However, as mentioned, it closed in the end of July.
I really wish they are opening soonest!
So I can visit them and enjoy my time with obsessed camera love. ❤
Photo by Canon AE-1

You may get updates of The Café by Photo Crafts via their FB fanpage:
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