100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Aloha peeps~~
Well, I know this was a little bit outdated event.
100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo was in Malaysia since last year December until 23 March 2014.
We went for the expo the second last day.
Danny bought the tickets at one of the BHP petrol station,
and there is RM3 extra charge for each ticket.
Just because he worried the tickets will be sold out.
Okay, it's a bit out of topic.
Back to the point,
we were staying at the expo around 2 hours.
I was never a big fan of Doraemon,
what make me love it is because of his cuteness. =3
but Danny does.
He used to buy its comics since young.
So, he will definitely won't miss the chance to visit the expo! =D
The first gadget we saw when walking in was the Time machine.Why it seem so blue because there was a color changing light there.
After visiting this Doraemon expo,
I only knew that he was created in Yellow!
I kept asking why it is blue then?
The storyline there answered my doubt.
If I never been there,
seriously I still thought it is initially in blue. ><
When looking at his crying face,
we felt so sorry to him.
No wonder why a cat has a phobia on rat. 0.0

And then we saw the Dokodemo door,
due to long queue of people taking photo with the door,
we decided not waiting for it.
So we continued to see other gadgets.
As it was 100 secret gadgets expo,
we bet there were 100 gadgets that.
But we did not capture all.
There was a room with a wedding setting,
guess who are having their wedding ceremony?
Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang!!!!! =p
Moving to another session,
we were able to see the original drawing of Doraemon comics!
Wow, the drawings are awesome!
And they are so colorful.
We were wondering are these the drawing of the Doraemon's papa?
After that, we visit the places that have the movies settings.
The playground and the performance stage...
Guess who is singing and make all people feel horrible!!!!
Look! I was talking to Doraemon~~~ 
Oh No!!! Danny, what have you done to Doraemon??
I guessed it took us more than an hour to visit all the sessions.
And we finally have our light dinner in the Doraemon cafe.
The cafe was full with visitors.
We ordered one set of pasta and an extra cup of hot chocolate.
The pasta was tasty but too bad it was not hot anymore.
And the pancake was delicious too.
Before leaving the expo,
we bought some souvenirs at the merchandise store.
We planned to buy t-shirt but it's out of our budget.
Hmmmm... maybe we buy next time?
Although we knew the expo never return~~ =(
We enjoyed ourselves in this expo.
For me, I gained something new which is Doraemon is initially in yellow!!!
Next time, I must tell my kids about this..
If they got a chance to visit the expo in the next 100 years, perhaps.
They knew this fact. XD

For more photographs of Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo, click here
visit their official FB fanpage.

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