PIXIE A-Pocket-Tee Launches NEW Series: Pixie Dum Dum


I am sure everyone has T-shirt in the closet. If you are looking for new tee, which is cute, here I have a great recommendation! Check out PIXIE “pocket” tee. They sell T-shirt with cute cartoon drawing on a virtual printed pocket… And today, PIXIE launches the latest series, called Dum Dum!!!!

PIXIE is a new start-up T-shirt online store in Malaysia, I have followed them quite a while. Personally, I think that their T-shirt is so cute!!!! Plain white T-shirt with a printed drawing on the side which normally has a pocket. But, PIXIE’s tee has a virtual pocket. Meaning, the pocket is actually printed, not a real one that you can put in things.


PIXIE loves coming out their pocket tee in series. For example…..



Horoscope series 


Eternite Tee (Couple) 

Today, PIXIE has launched the latest series — DUM DUM~~ 

Remember, it’s Dum Dum, not Tsum Tsum!!! Cuteness overload!!!!! 



All these T-shirts are selling at RM50 each, while couple series is selling at RM90. Meanwhile, there is promotion which you can get 3 in RM100. Cute, isn’t it? Grab them now before they are running out….

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