DIY Photoshoot #4: 孕36周的户外孕照 @ Taman Saujana Hijau

我相信很多孕妈咪应该和我一样,想要拍一辑美美的孕照。人生有几次怀孕?拍摄孕照不就是想要把这美好的孕程做个记录?纪念一下宝宝在自己肚子里成长的过程~ 所以,拍摄孕照可是我排在孕期的to-do-list非常上面的项目。

Gift from Him: Our 1st Anniversary ❤

It was already one week after Danny and I celebrated our anniversary.If you wonder where we have gone for celebration, read this..This time, I want to show off...

Melon of Promise – Homemade Watermelon Slushie

Welcome back to Paroles de La Vie. Today I am going to share one of our love memoirs -- Melon of Promise.  Basically it is a watermelon...

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