Secret Spa at Home with Yoko Milk Shower Kit

Saturday, November 14, 2015
Spa, a therapy that helps people to relieve stress. If you have been experiencing spa before, you definitely agree that you feel more relax; meanwhile, your skin also softer and more hydrated after a spa therapy. However, going for a spa at spa centre frequently needs a lot of money. Brought to you by Natta Cosme, you can now have inexpensive spa at home daily with Yoko Milk Shower Kit!

A brand from Thailand, Yoko was established in 1999. They have expanded their market to more than 35 countries such as Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, UK, Philippines etc. All Yoko’s products are made by natural ingredients; all are rich and mainly for keeping skin moist. Let’s check out the secret home spa kit now!

Yoko Milky Shower Cream

Beauty nutrition specially formulated for the skin with selection of quality ingredients that contain beneficial moisturizing vitamins to allow deep moisturizing into skin. With Milk Protein Vitamin B3 and Yeast Extract, the skin becomes beautiful, supple and naturally white.

Milk Protein: Maintain skin youthfulness and softness as well as forming a layer to protect the skin hydrate. Maintain skin moisture balance and reveal the velvet smooth skin.

Vitamin E: Protects the skin from UV ray while moisturizes and reduces skin toughness.

Vitamin B3: Whitening and moisturizing skin.

Sweet Almond Oil: Keep skin soft and smooth. Relieve irritation.

Yeast Extract: Give the skin a moisture boost and retaining it. Maintaining the skin natural balance.

I personally love milk product very much. Hence, showering using Yoko Milky Shower Cream is super enjoyable! The bottle of the Yoko Milky Shower Cream is white with black patches, just like a cow. The fragrance is similar to the milk. The shower cream texture is runny. Once water was added, it foams up easily. It was not irritating at all, it was very soft and smooth.

Price: RM 21
Size: 250ml

Yoko Hokkaido Milk UV SPF25 PA++

Light feeling and fast absorbing serum for body help protecting skin from harmful effect of the sun's rays. The nourishing benefits of Hokkaido milk and glutathione bring out your new radiance and healthy look with soft and smooth touch. Scented all day long.

To keep skin hydrated always, you needs a moisturising serum too. For day time, Yoko Hokkaido Milk UV SPF25 PA++ was recommended. It has the similar fragrance like Yoko Milky Shower Cream. Skin absorbs the serum fast. FYI, Yoko Hokkaido Milk UV SPF25 PA++ contains Glutathione, an antioxidant; which helps to protect your skin. So, don’t forget to apply it before leaving home. BTW, don’t apply too much, it will become sticky.

Price: RM 38
Size: 200ml

Yoko Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum

Refreshing your skin and keep balance of moisture by Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum. Not only formulated for light and un-sticky feeling. quickly absorb but also locking skin moisture and softness. With benefits of Spring Sea Water. Vitamin B3. Shea Butter. Sodium Hyaluronate and Collagen. Keep skin fresh, hydrate and look healthy when using regularly.

At night, apply Yoko Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum. As said, it lock the skin moisture balance. Compare to the Yoko Milky Shower Cream and Yoko Hokkaido Milk UV SPF25 PA++, this Yoko Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum doesn’t have milky fragrance. I somehow found that the smell is slight pungent. However, it does have to keep my skin soft and smooth; especially during the bad hazy days last two months.

Price: RM 38
Size: 200ml

Summing up, I really enjoy my home spa with Yoko Milk Shower Kit. As listed, the price for all three products are reasonable. You can have your spa everyday with cheaper price than the spa centre. FYI, Yoko also has spa salt with different flavors. You can check them out in Natta Cosme too.

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10 comments on "Secret Spa at Home with Yoko Milk Shower Kit"
  1. These products look amazing. And yes, sometimes I love to pamper myself - sometimes I don't have the time though :)

  2. I think milk is a nice concept for beauty products because it is clean and white. It also has a reputation for luxury like the queens of Egypt bathing in milk.

  3. Skin products with milk are always my favorite, they feel so soft and smell so nice too! These look like products that I would try. Thanks, we all need a break sometimes and most of the time it should be in a Spa! Hehe.

  4. I like that it has all the vitamins the skin needs to stay smooth without the sticky feeling. This is a good treat for women who feel stressed from work.

  5. great products. i would love to give these as gift this chistmas to my female friends.. hehe

  6. Going to have my own DIY spa at home this weekend. It kind off relaxing and fulfilling, better spent time at home with family.

  7. These products can really bring the SPA right in your home. It can keep your skin clear, smooth and properly moisturized.

  8. I can already imagine the amazing scents of these products. Who said you have to go out and pay too much to be pampered?!

  9. First time to learn about these products and I love the packaging. I love to try new products such as these but I'm pretty sure that those are not yet available in our country.

  10. hoping to try this one and put it to test if this would give same relaxing effect on my tired body...


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