Review: LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask with Apple Stem Cells

Thursday, June 11, 2015
Finally back with a beauty post. Mask is always a must for lovely ladies. And I was given the chance to review LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask with Apple Stem Cells.

LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask with Apple Stem Cells
Nourishes your skin with intense essential nutrients as well as deeply hydrates your skin and leaving your skin noticeably radiant, soft and crystal clear.

This facial mask is a focused facial treatment that:

  • 1. Offers superb moisture to skin to give a lustre you have never known before.
  • 2. Brightens your skin and reduce pigmentation.
  • 3. Maintain the power of skin regeneration
  • 4. Protect longevity of skin stem cells.
  • 5. Decrease in wrinkles and promote anti-aging of skin.
  •                                                                                                                                       -- LivYoung Official Website
This mask was suggested to be used twice per week. Leave it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes for the best result. 
FYI, LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask is suitable for all skin type. The mask sheet was quite thick. Therefore, you don't need to worry whether it will be easily torn when you are adjusting the mask during application. Compared to most of the paper mask I used, LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask's essence texture is the thickest. For me, I only applied for 10 minutes since my beauty consultant advise me only apply max. 10 minutes if I use a paper mask due to my skin condition. 
Below is the result after taking off the mask. The essence was really thick and sticky. It wasn't stated the user would need to wash away the remaining essence, however, I washed it off because it was too sticky and if I don't wash it away, my face will become oily. Of course, this is my personal choice. I have friend who still leave the essence on her face until the next morning. 
Overall, it was refreshing after using the mask. For whom have sensitive skin, don't worry, this mask wasn't irritating when I was using. So, this is okay for you to use apply it.

For more information, please find check out LivYoung official website:
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