Guess What-Kota Damansara你不能错过的越南餐馆!

可能因为表嫂是越南人的关系~所以很多年前已经爱上了越南料理。还记得以前的我除了中餐和西餐以外,唯一会愿意尝试的异国风味,就是越南菜。可能都是亚洲的食物,加上越南和中国就是邻居。所以,越南料理,其实也带有中餐的元素。因此,当受邀到Kota Damansara的Guess What尝试越南风味时,我二话不说就答应了。

Anchor FP PizzArt Food Trail @ Pizza 185 & The Butcher’s Table

I believe we all know about Anchor Food Professionals for their dairy produces from New Zealand. Ever since they have rebranded in August 2016, Anchor FP have been actively working alongside customers to bring business and product solutions. Not sure if you have heard...

2018年世界国际名誉先生盛典总决圆满落幕~ 冠军花落谁家呢?

2018年世界国际名誉先生终于在上两个星期前圆满落幕~十位候选先生受万人敬仰期待,所向披靡带你进入常胜劲旅。话说,这次的先生竞选候选人也绝不逊色于一般的美女竞选,反之发掘了世界各地大有潜能的型男加入世界国际名誉竞选活动。 在决赛当天,每位候选人都展现了自己最好的一面。每一位都拥有自己的独特魅力,相信台下每一位观众都有目共睹。但比赛总是要选出优胜者嘛~恭喜来自伊朗的Ali Afshar称霸! 其他的获奖名单如下: 冠军:Ali Afshar ( Iran ) - 3号参赛者 亚军:Sam Len Han Zhen ( Malaysia ) - 9号参赛者 季军:Mosi  ( Iran ) - 7号参赛者 殿军:Steven Lee ( Malaysia ) - 1号参赛者 第五名:Vernon David Apostol - 2号参赛者 最佳体态先生:MD - 4号参赛者 最佳姿势先生:Avesta - 10号参赛者 最具人气先生:Firdavs Kurbonov - 6号参赛者 最友善先生:Dr Syed - 5号参赛者 最上镜先生:Jordan Tan - 8号参赛者 此外,这次的2018世界国际名誉先生盛典总决赛得到了Vintage...

10 Things to Consider When Buying a High-Rise Residential Property

High-rise living is becoming a norm. Nowadays, increasingly more people are choosing to live in high-rise homes, especially the younger generation. The number of high-rise projects have risen exponentially in the past few decades; especially in city centres, where land scarcity has caused land...

Julie’s Collaborates with Celebrity Chef Martin Yan: Introducing Creative Recipes with Julie’s Biscuits

WasIt was a fruitful weekend last week. Danny and I were invited to join quite number of events. One of the events we went was Julie's roadshow at Aeon Cheras Selatan, ft. Celebrity Chef Martin Yan, demonstrating simple yet creative recipes made with Julie's...

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