新开张!💥新开张!💥新开张!💥 Segamat 的朋友们,大家有好康啦! 最近位于Segamat 有一家拥有独特特色,超便宜,超人气,服务超好的Phone Accessories & Gadgets 店近日新开张推出了为期一个月的大促销活动,让各位Segamat享有产品高达60% 的折扣!「大家听好是一个月哦!」更夸张的是老板竟然送出每位光临本店的朋友们一次免费的电话防爆膜!!!这店老板也太大方了吧!而且现在也有优惠,其中电话壳只卖RM5!!!! 是不是很便宜!😍

AirAsia Launches New Route Again: Fly Yourself to The Largest Island in Vietnam – Phu Quoc!!!

After launching the route to few popular cities like Jeju Island and Jaipur, AirAsia is launching new route again! The airline continues to strengthen its Asean connectivity with the launch of direct services between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Phu Quoc, Vietnam. The four weekly...

Get ‘Posh & Glam’ with Sunway Velocity Mall

Since its inception, Sunway Velocity Mall has tripled the amount of its alluring fashion and beauty brands to more than 150 outlets, propelling the mall into the status of becoming KL’s next fashion and beauty hub in the city. This month, ignite your fashion...

Watsons x Pure Beauty 韩国亮肌活颜防御工作坊:让肌肤远离污染吧~

Pure Beauty 是来自韩国的顶尖护肤品牌之一。他们家的产品都经过皮肤病学测试,不含羟基苯甲酸酯(Paraben)、不含羊毛脂(lanolin),以及不含酒精。而这一次的亮肌活颜防御系列(Illuminating Urban Shield),Pure Beauty主要是强化肌肤四大防御功效:活化、净化、强化和防御。

The Do’s and Don’ts of Property Management

Real estate investment is an amazing vehicle and strategy that can generate passive income, aiding you in your journey towards financial freedom. As it is, passive income is money that is made without needing any real work. If you are looking towards investing in...

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