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The Very First Time Outside Hong Kong! Miss Chinese International Pageant 2017 Held in Malaysia!

Friday, February 10, 2017
I still remember, every year I will watch Miss Chinese International Pageant (MCIP) at home with my mom. If you are watching it annually too, I am sure you know MCIP is always being organized in Hong Kong. And this year, it marks the history that MCIP held outside Hong Kong; meanwhile, Malaysia is the country the organizer chose to have this global event. And guess what?! I was so blessed to be invited to watch it live!!! OMG!!!! This is crazy! I never expect to have such opportunity~

16 contestants around the world vie for the crown of MCIP 2017, such as from America, Canada, Australia, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and more. On one hand, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, Dato’ Nancy Yeoh, and three Hong Kong celebrities, Simon Yam, Wayne Lai and Niki Chow are the judges of this competition.

Like usual, the competition has few categories. The young ladies aren’t crowned based on their beauty at the outside, but also their talents and intelligence.

Here we have our Malaysia’s representative, Miss Serene Lim. I have been following her for a period; I truly love her style and works she did.

Meanwhile, I am impressed by the talent performance of the contestant from US, Miss Ssuting Yu. The roller skating show she performed on that day was awesome! I believe her talent performance earned her a very good mark from the judges which made her the winner of the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2017! Congratulation~~~

Of course, our representative Miss Serene did well too, she is the first runner-up of the MCIP.

I enjoyed the show much. It is my pleasure to be invited to witness the very first MCIP outside Hong Kong. A big thank to Resort World Genting for having me and Danny. :)

No Downtime Signature Glow Treatment @ C.Michael Aesthetic and Medical Laser Center

Monday, February 6, 2017
Beauty can’t stay forever unless you put your effort to maintain it. I don’t own a flawless skin; hence, visiting a facial salon and aesthetic center is common to me. Well, of course I am not going so frequent but about once in a month or two months. Recently, I have tried Signature Glow Treatment at C.Michael Aesthetic and Medical Laser Center. This treatment claims there is no downtime. But is that true? Let’s check out.

C.Michael Aesthetic and Medical Laser Center is located at Avenue K. It is convenient to reach by taking LRT (Get down from KLCC LRT Station). I highly recommend to take LRT so you don’t have to drive to the always-traffic-jam KL city when you are going to have your treatment. BTW, when you see C.Michael, don’t get confused by its hair salon’s front look. The aesthetic center is inside the hair salon. You may talk to the receptionist and they will inform the PIC of the center.

I was greeted by the consultant and led to the consultation room. She first consulted me with my concern and skin problem. Then she explained what will be done during the treatment. From then, I was told that C.Michael Signature Glow Treatment consists of two different treatments – Q-Switched Laser and LASEMD.  The Signature Glow Treatment effectively delivers the real glowing result after the 30-min procedure. It combines the laser and facial treatment to effectively remove pigmentation, minimize pore and accelerate cell renewal, to keep the skin youthful. I will further talk about the laser and facial treatment below.

Regardless what facial treatment it is, face cleansing is definitely the first step.

Subsequently, it was the Q-Switched Laser which is the Rich-PTP Toning treatment. This treatment is highly effective for anti-aging and collagen lifting. It combats multiple skin problems such as pigmentation, open pores, pimples and uneven skin tone.

The Rich-PTP Toning is good for:
1. Minimize thermal damage on the skin and only destroys selective pigments.
2. Provides stable efficacy by equally delivered energy and minimize adverse effect.
3. Softly delivers energy into deeper skin for remodeling dermis and helps you have clear skin.
4. Provides excellent efficacy on pigment lesions such as freckles, blemish, melisma, hyperpigmentation and complexion.
5. Improves skin on large pore, fine line, skin tone and skin texture.
6. Provides safe and effective treatment.
7. Contains almost no pain and easy return to daily life.
8. Can be used to remove tattoo (needs to take several treatments depends on individual)

Verdict of Rich-PTP Toning (Q-Switched Laser):

When people hear of laser treatment, they are scared. Previously, laser treatment required intensive care after treatment which you can’t expose under the sun, red and swollen sometimes, and also cannot apply makeup before recovery which needs at least 2 weeks. However, laser treatment nowadays is less painful. With the advanced technology, Q-Switched laser claims to have no downtime, basic skin care will do. The only thing is that your face will stay red for 1-2 hours after treatment. I personally think the redness is light, which is better than what I expected it is. Similar to the carbon peel laser, Q-Switched laser has also burning smell when touching on my face. Besides, the laser was done twice. The second round was more painful; perhaps it is because the first round already thinning the skin surface.

Following that, I had the LASEMD treatment. It is a cutting edge CDS (Cosmeceutical Delivery System) which combines a sophisticated laser system together with its exclusive line of cosmeceuticals (LASEMD Ampoules). LASEMD treatment maximizes the delivery of the vital restorative nutrients your skin needs in order to repair and rejuvenate.

The major indications of LASEMD treatment are:
1. Wrinkle reduction
2. Anti-aging, brightening and whitening
3. Pigment reduction
4. Melasma
5. Skin laxity
6. Scar reduction
7. Hair loss

Verdict of LASEMD Treatment:

FYI, LASEMD treatments is conducted by using of a device which contains fine needles. Meanwhile, the treatment is being done without anesthesia. Hence, you can definitely feel the pain during the treatment. Still, the pain level is very mild which I personally still able to take it.

Overall Verdict of Signature Glow Treatment:
At a glance, this treatment helps to minimize my pores. I can see my face is smoother after the treatment. However, perhaps 1 or 2 more treatments would provide a more different result. FYI, The Signature Glow Treatment only takes about 20-30 minutes. It is QUICK & EFFECTIVE! For people who work nearby, you probably can book your session at lunch time.

Interested to try the Signature Glow Treatment? Make your appointment now! Mention my name “Sin Yee” and show the photo below to entitle the first trial price as low as RM299 (NP: RM1000).

Meanwhile, if you are interested in the Q-Switched laser treatment only, the first trial is only RM99.

C.Michael Aesthetic and Medical Laser Center
Address: L1-1D & 1E, Level 1, Avenue K,
156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 2181 3222

The Barn Wine Bar @ 1 Mont Kiara

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Once a while, we love treating ourselves with steaks. Well, undeniably, there are quite a lot of steak houses in Klang Valley; hence, we always go to different steakhouse to try out when we crave for it. The most recent we have visited is The Barn Wine Bar at Solaris Hartamas.

We know about The Barn from our friends and there are quite a lot of good reviews about it. Hence, we gave it a try during our anniversary celebration. Booked a table for two via Table App to prevent disappointment.

The outlet is spacious, which has separated into wine bar and dining area. The casual and relaxing ambience suit for casual dining like friends and family gathering, birthday celebration, etc.

Oven-roasted Baby Back Pork Ribs @ RM59

Specially marinated and grilled to perfection with special homemade bbq sauce. It was served with grilled vegetables, fried potatoes, corn. It looked appealing; yet, some parts were burnt and caused bitterness on that part. Besides, the meat was hard to chew and dry.

Australian Ribeye Steak @ RM69

This is Danny’s favorite. Nonetheless, he was disappointed that this Rib Eye did not meet his expectation. He ordered medium rare; yet, the dish was served in medium condition which also made the meat was too hard to chew.

For drinks, we ordered a glass of red wine and a glass of white wine. Both are the house wine of The Barn. The house wines were okay; but we expect to have higher quality for a wine bar.

Overall, we think that their food is overrated. Perhaps, we will return only for drinking instead of eating, and only if our friends invite us to come. The price is pretty cheap compare to some steakhouses we have tried, but, in term of quality, we think that The Barn has more rooms to improve.

The Barn @ 1 Mont Kiara Mall
Address: G-2, G-3 & G-26, Ground Floor, 1 Mont Kiara Mall, 
No.1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 6211 5620
Business Hours: Mon - Fri 11.30am to 12am 
                    Sat - Sun 8am to 12am
Facebook: The BARN Wine Bar

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