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4 Benefits of Organic Hair Waxing You Should Know

Saturday, December 10, 2016
As a lady, I sincerely think some body parts' hair shouldn't grow. Most girls will agree on me because you definitely encounter the same problem to remove it or hide it when it grows. Yes, the underarms and the bottom legs are the most common are that we, ladies remove the hairs. There are few methods to remove it - pull out one by one, shave it, waxing or undergo IPL treatment. I personally shaved before and now, waxing. Here are 4 benefits why you should go waxing; more specifically, go for organic waxing.

First, let me clarify what does organic waxing mean. Typically, waxing is a gel that applied on the skin, to pull hair out of the roots. Organic waxing does the same thing; however, the difference with normal waxing (commercial waxing) is the ingredients used. Organic waxing is done by organic ingredients which is much friendly to our skin.

4 Benefits of Organic Waxing:

1. Smoother Skin

Compared to commercial wax, organic wax is much friendly to our skin. Hence, it is less irritating; in return, our skin is smoother.

2. More Effective

Even though waxing means pull the hairs out from the roots; however, commercial wax is less effective. Sometimes, commercial wax doesn't really do what it said. 

3. Less/Slower Hair Growth

We know that waxing needs to be done every few weeks. Compare to commercial waxing, organic waxing helps to slow down the hair growth process. Basically, you just need to experience an organic waxing session, you can tell the difference!

4. Finer Hair

Even the hair still grows, it becomes finer.

Well, you probably think these are just theories from internet; however, these are based on my personal experience on organic waxing hair removal session. I am amazed by the result from the deep heart core. 

Introducing the one and only organic hair, wax and beauty saloon in Klang Valley - Simran Beyond Beauty. Situated at TTDI, Simran Beyong Beauty is a beauty saloon that offers wax, hair treatment, facial and massage; mainly for women. 

FYI, there is also private room and praying room for Muslims.

When I visit, the first thing I received was wax candy. Honestly speaking, I never thought of having my hair removal wax as my snack!? Well, it is 100% edible as it is made by organic ingredients which are safe to consume. The founder of Simran Beyond Beauty, Gurjit told me that they provide this wax candy helps to distract client during waxing. Apparently, pulling the hair out of the root is painful. However, if you are busy with eating candy, you feel less painful. I would say this is a brilliant idea~

After trying out the wax candy, it's time to try out the waxing session. Basically, all the steps are similar. Put on the wax on my skin and pull out the hairs. As I have already get used to waxing, I didn't feel it is painful. Meanwhile, the therapist kept chatting to me so that I did not focus on the pulling-hair-out moment. 

Threading was done after waxing to make sure customer does feel "hairless" skin. I was impressed actually because I have visited few waxing saloons before, but none of them does the threading part. Sometimes, I can still see the short hairs after waxing. The therapist said because it is too short to pull out. However, Simran Beyond Beauty remove it by threading which also helps to slow down the hair growth progress.

Overall, I really love the service by Simran Beyond Beauty. I have waited for a month before I write this review because I want to see if my hair grows slower. Yes, it does and the hair is lesser. I only saw some hairs growing on the 4th week after waxing. That is amazing because normally my hairs on legs are visible on the 2nd week which causes me not dare to wear short pants. I am embarrased to let people see my hairy legs. Thanks to Simran Beyond Beauty, and I believe if I continue to do my waxing here, the hair growth process will be slower and slower. 

So, how about the price? Surprisingly, it is even cheaper than the other saloon I go. For price list, you may check on their website.

Simran Beyond Beauty
Address: No 54A, Jln Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 7725 3897.
Business Hours: 11am - 9pm (Close Tuesday) **
PH - Close at 5pm

Japan NO.1 Half-baked Cheese Tarts - PABLO Has Arrived Malaysia!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Cheese tart lovers, you don’t have to go Japan in order to taste the most popular PABLO cheese tart anymore! Because, they have finally opened their 1st franchise bakery here in 1 Utama Shopping Center! 

As seen in the photo below, the outlet has limited space only; hence, no dine-in, but only take-and-go.
Meanwhile, personally think that PABLO’s uniform is so cute. The crews will greet you with warmest welcome which please the patrons a lot.

The signature of PABLO is the 6-inch Signature Freshly Baked Cheese Tart. It is the original cheese flavour, meanwhile, it is topped with apricot ge. FYI, the doneness of the cheese tart is medium rare, which the cheese is soft and smooth; while the outer part is crispy. Guess what, you can hear the crunchy sounds when you cut it!

Signature Freshly Baked Cheese Tart @ RM45.90/pcs (Can cut into 6 slices)

If you want to try the authentic Japan taste, PABLO mini is a must-try. This little bite is all the way from Japan! It is made in the HQ of PABLO Osaka, then frozen and direct import to Malaysia! Compared to the Freshly Baked Cheese Tart, PABLO mini’s taste of cheese is much stronger.

PABLO mini @ RM8.90/pcs

PABLO isn’t only about cheese tart, but also cheese drinks and soft-serve. When saying about consuming cheese, we will definitely think of greasiness. So, now you are going to drink the greasy cheese? Don’t refuse it, you may regret if you didn’t try! It is not what you think it is. The frute is sweet and sour, which you basically couldn’t taste the cheese. 

PABLO Frute @ RM15.90/glass

On one hand, PABLO cheese soft-serve is also worth a try. It is salty; at the same time, creamy and smooth. 

PABLO Soft Serve @ RM11.90/cone

Besides, there are also finished product such as Sabrel Cheese, Choco Crunch, Golden Brûlée Pudding, PABLO Drip Coffee etc.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to check out PABLO 1st bakery in Malaysia now! Experience the most authentic taste of half-baked cheese tart of Japan now, without flying to Japan! 

Pablo Cheesetart
Address: 2nd Floor, Old Wings, 1 Utama Shopping Center (Besides Hokkaido Sushi)
Facebook: Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia 

Goodbye Wrinkles and Dark Circle with Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream~

Thursday, November 17, 2016
Due to ageing, fine lines and wrinkles; especially the biggest enemy; the crow's feet are coming to say hi when a person grows older. Tried to avoid; yet, it seems unstoppable. I still remember, I found my first fine line under my eye in my 20s, it is my disaster!! I applied eye cream every night so I can erase it. However, the eye cream I was using was too rich which ended up with tiny small oil seeds under my eyes. Well, lesson learnt; choosing an eye cream is super duper important! It's just like moisturiser you applied on your face. Eye cream is the essence of your eyes which you must pay extra attention on! Recently, I am using Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream. Without further ado, let's check out how is it beneficial to the users.

Swissvita, in cooperation with a top biotech laboratory, concocted the perfect recipe using innovative and smart technology to maintain the skin’s youthful state. Vita stands by the mission to formulate simple, safe and effective products for your ageless beauty. Committed to deliver radiance to every corner of the world.

Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream

Swissvita Micrite 3D Micrite Eye Cream contains the safe and all-natural ingredient AC-11, a phytonutrient extracted from the inner bark of a vine known as Uncaria Tomentosa, a native herb in the Amazon rainforest. AC-11 helps skin tissue regenerate from oxidative stress and exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Scientists have discovered that it enhances the body’s natural skin tissue repair and helps make the skin look fair as day.
This eye cream claims that it helps to reduce eye puffiness and improve eye lift. To further understand its benefits, see below...

1. A younger-looking you
Contains the phytonutrient AC-11®, which is derived from a natural herb from the Amazon rainforest.

2. Say goodbye to dark circle
Unique formula visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles. It brightens and targets signs of fatigue around eyes and diminishes puffiness.

3. Erase eye wrinkles
Contains multiple active ingredients that nourish and heal discolored skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Safe to use
Additive-free, alcohol-free, sulfate-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free

5. Intellingent packaging
This product comes in an aluminum sealed package for your protection and to retain the quality of its active ingredients. The container is also tested to withstand high temperature.

6. Safe for all skin types
Can be applied freely regardless of skin type. Even men can apply too!

Direction of Use:

Take off the cap, remove the red ring. Re-tighten the cap until the sharp point of the cap poke open the foil. Take proper amount of cream, apply onto eye area. Tap gently till it is fully absorbed.


Honestly speaking, I have just started using it recently. I still yet able to tell visible difference of before and after using this eye cream. However, instead of eye cream, I would rather call it as eye gel. It is semi-transparent and not greasy at all.

Meanwhile, the packaging looks so unique that I thought of super glue at my first sight. Don't you think so? But I truly love its aluminium sealed package as I can easily press the gel out, and even roll it up when almost empty.

The sharp point allows me to directly apply proper amount under my eyes too. See? Seem there are tear drops around~

Hopefully after few weeks or months of application, it could help to reduce my dark circles and lines.

If you are interested to try out Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream, you may go to 

Don't forget to insert discount code "SinyeeLoveSwissvita" to get RM10 discount.

**Each user valid 1-time usage only.

More info/update, find/follow:
Facebook: Swissvita SkinLab Malaysia

Pampering Yourself With Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016/2017

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
We, ladies love shopping, going to do facial, treatment etc. Need not to say, we spend much money on these. I used to go facial treatment once every two weeks which cost me a lot. Hence, I always try to get package or grab discounted deals from website like Groupon etc. However, since two years ago, I was being told that there is a book which can helps me save a lot on not only facial treatments, but also shopping and more, I can't get myself out from it. This book is one of my must-have items - Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016/2017.

Time flies~ It's already the second last month of 2016. Every year, Worthy Book will publish a new edition which customers can use it for a year. There are two editions -- Ladies edition and F&B edition. For the Ladies Edition, it contains vouchers for beauty, shopping, fashion and health. See, every category that we ladies will spend on is included in this book.

FYI,  Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016/2017 has a total of 150 vouchers, which covers over 50 shopping malls, mainly in Klang Valley, but also at other states. BTW, if you use all these vouchers, you can save up to RM30K for the whole year!

Let's check out some awesome discounts in Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016/2017.

Christy Ng! Yeah, I have missed out the warehouse sale and now, thank to Worthy Book, I am able to grab my new shoes with discount....

If you think there is only deal that you can use for ladies, you are wrong... I have shared the spa offer with my dear at ecoparadise. There is Buy 1 Free 1 Antioxidant Therapy which both of us enjoyed in the past weekend~

Well, there are still lots of vouchers that I have yet using; such as.....

Ladies, let's grab your Worthy Book now to discover all the valuable deals yourself! This awesome voucher book is only costing you RM25 (inclusive GST); meanwhile, you can save more than RM30,000 in one year! So, why not?

Where to get it?

You may find it at major bookstores in Klang Valley such as Borders, Kinokuniya, MPH, Times Bookstore, Popular and selected Alternatively, you may purchase it at  

More info/update, find/follow:


Focus Point "Stronger Together" Universal Eye Health Campaign

Friday, November 4, 2016
Not sure if anyone awares of the World Sight Day on 13th October last month. I know, it is kinda late to update. However, I just wish to share the awareness. Perhaps, next year, you may join, no? I am glad to be a part of Focus Point "Stronger Together" Universal Eye Health Campaign, which was organized at Sunway Pyramid last month.

Food for Thought: Judging Makes Us Blind

Sunday, October 30, 2016
I don’t usually share thing that requires a deep thought always on blog. However, when I do, it means I really hope more people can aware of “something”. Malaysia is a multi-racial country; every race has different culture, which we all know that. However, living in a community which has so many different races isn’t easy. Believe it or not, we all are racists! We are all judgemental; we all do say something like “XX race is like this la~” “Must be by xx race one la~” But, are you 100% sure other race doesn’t do the same thing? Everyone, judging makes us blind! Never judge before knowing the truth.

Few days ago, Petronas has shared their latest web film which sends a strong and inspiring message during this Deepavali. Before I disclose, let’s check out the web film together. 

So, get inspired? 

“Judging may seem easier than finding the truth.” - Petronas

I always look forward to Petronas web film during every big celebration. All these films reflect a key message that we seem forgotten.

In line with Deepavali, let this festival of light serves as a reminder to us to have compassion for others. Let the light shines within us and continue respecting each other as both individuals and as Malaysian!

I hope this short web film inspires you like it inspires me. Do not judge, or you will be judged. Fair enough, isn’t it? Let’s make a change~ Greater harmony can be achieved through greater understanding and compassion. Hence, in light of Deepavali celebration, Malaysians should respect each others’ differences and embrace similarities.

And of course, it is Deepavali, I will not forget to say “Happy Diwali!”, everyone~ 

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