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Let’s Celebrate~~ 9-Day Chinese New Year Carnival @ Seremban!

Hooray~~ Chinese New Year is 1 week away from now! Are you ready for the festive holiday? Time to meet and gather with long-time-no-see relatives and friends. And you can have delicious food that you can only find during CNY. Meanwhile, in Seremban, there...

Review: Dr. Glamogenic Vitalize Soothing Mask

Time flies~ Can't believe 2018 has ended and now we have started a brand new year! And it means we are growing one year wiser~ Undeniably, our skin is aging when we grow older. So taking care of it is what we can do...

Let’s Get Rid of Dull Skin with Vitamin C Quenching Facial Treatment @ Murad

Dull skin is caused by many factors. It could be due to our environment, poor diet, forgot to exfoliate and many more. In order to get rid of it, you can use the brightening products or pamper yourself at beauty center. Here I am...


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