Watsons x Pure Beauty 韩国亮肌活颜防御工作坊:让肌肤远离污染吧~

Pure Beauty 是来自韩国的顶尖护肤品牌之一。他们家的产品都经过皮肤病学测试,不含羟基苯甲酸酯(Paraben)、不含羊毛脂(lanolin),以及不含酒精。而这一次的亮肌活颜防御系列(Illuminating Urban Shield),Pure Beauty主要是强化肌肤四大防御功效:活化、净化、强化和防御。

The Do’s and Don’ts of Property Management

Real estate investment is an amazing vehicle and strategy that can generate passive income, aiding you in your journey towards financial freedom. As it is, passive income is money that is made without needing any real work. If you are looking towards investing in...

LG Opens The Newest Brand Shop in Desa Home, One Space @ One City!

Hola!!! It has been a very long while that I have yet updated anything in my blog! Thanks for bearing with me as I am busy with my new career~ There are so much things happened these past 2 months which I seriously didn't...

Althea Bare Essentials: 3-Step Skincare for Long Haul Flight

Every time after a long haul flight, our skin will be dry and dull. Sometimes, it becomes serious and result in peeling skin. So, in-flight beauty care is extremely important if you want to keep your skin glowy after the long flight. Here I...

Ye Zi Steamboat @ The Roof

Steamboat is never something new to me, and I believe most people love it as well, especially during cold rainy day or family/friend gathering. Danny, his parents and I were invited to join the review of Ye Zi Steamboat @ The Roof few weeks...

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