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5 Tips To Choose A Right Accommodation

Friday, August 26, 2016
Do you ever feel the hardest preparation for a vacation is to choose your temporary home? Looking for an accommodation that meet all the requirements of ours isn’t impossible. Unless you have been staying there before, else, you must be curious if the description you read is true or not. Here are five tips for you to choose a hotel/B&B which suits you!

1. Location

Identify which area is the most convenient place for you to travel around. Is the location is easy to access? Any public transport you can take? How about the security? Any convenient store nearby? These are all the question you should take into account while choosing the area to stay.

2. Budget

Everyone has different budget. What’s yours? 

3. Online recommendation

After deciding the location and budget, try searching online for some recommendations. 

4. Read guests’ review

It isn’t difficult to find a hotel review through Agoda or Booking, etc. Read the most recent comments so you know the current condition of your desired accommodation. 

5. Stay at OYO Room

Still cannot decide which accommodation you should choose? Let’s stay at OYO Room! 

What is OYO?

Launched in 2013, OYO is the largest leading network of hotels in India. Early this year, OYO started their expansion in Malaysia and currently, OYO has more than 200 hotels in their network, approximately 6500 rooms inventory spread across KL, Klang Valley, Penang, Malacca, Johor; and latest in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 

MUST HAVE in OYO Room: Air-conditioned, free Wi-Fi, 24x7 customer service support.

In general, OYO partnered with hotels, provide promising quality accommodation at an affordable price. FYI, OYO doesn’t own any accommodation, they partner with hotels to provide you a temporary home. The concept is similar to Uber, for example. Uber doesn’t own any car; however, they have drivers to provide you and me a transport service.

So, here comes another question. What os the difference between OYO and the hotel? OYO Rooms are the room in the hotel; however, it is well-maintained by the OYO team. You see what you get, this is the promise from OYO. 

When you check-in into OYO Room, if you found anything this doesn’t meet the standard, you may call the 24x7 customer service support. OYO rep who is on duty at your hotel will solve your problem immediately.

Without further ado, let’s check out how to make booking on OYO!

You may book it online:

However, we think mobile app is more convenient. 

With 8 steps, your OYO room is booked. You can either pay by credit card, or pay cash when you stay. 

Don’t forget to insert referral code: YONGGUCRM << Earn RM50 OYO Money upon signup

Also, remember to key in discount coupon: MYBUD210 << Extra 20% discount for your booking

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Low Battery While Playing Pokemon Go? 5 Tips To Avoid The Tragedy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
I bet you are one of the Pokemon trainers if you are reading this post. One of the scariest as well as the worst situation is out of battery while playing Pokemon Go; especially if you are catching a Pokemon or in a battle! So, how can you do to avoid this tragedy? Here are five tips to keep your battery juice exhaust slower so you can play your Pokemon Go longer.

1. Turn On Battery Saver

Have you ever notice there is “Battery Saver” mode in Pokemon Go? Go to Setting, check the little box beside Battery Saver. If you are walking to hatch eggs, simply hold your phone upside down. Your phone screen will turn dark, yet, you can still earn your mileage.

2. Turn Sound Off

Music and sound effect are “eating” your battery too. Turn them off to save battery. 

3. Disable AR Mode

Disable AR mode isn’t only helping to catch Pokemon easier but it helps to save battery too. This is because AR mode need working together with your phone camera. Keep on catching Pokemon by using AR mode, meaning that you keep turning on and off your phone camera. 

4. Reduce Brightness

Adjust your brightness to a suitable level manually. Auto-adjusting is actually using more battery.

5. Get Yourself A Powerbank

Always bring along powerbank. It helps to feed your hungry battery. 

If you do not have a powerbank, I am here to recommend you ABS 15000mAh Powerbank (model: Y305)

ABS Malaysia

ABS Malaysia provides wide varieties of power bank - stylish, modern, thin and handy. Meanwhile, ABS is the first in the market which offer 2 years 1-to-1 exchange for powerbank! 

Besides, ABS Malaysia also includes products such as USB cables and car charger. 

**C Two Gadget is the sole distributor of ABS Malaysia.

Why ABS Y305 Style Series Powerbank?

1. 15000mAh 

FYI, I am an iPhone 6s Plus user. The smartphone’s battery capacity is 2750mAh according to the official release. Undoubtedly, it can last longer. However, to fully charge it with a powerbank is a difficult task. My previous powerbank can only charge 1.5 full cycle. On the other hand, my phone can be fully charged 5 times with ABS Y305 powerbank.

2. Dual fast charging

Another great reason to own ABS Y305 Powerbank is its dual fast charging! Two devices are running out of battery at the same time? Charge together! Danny and I always share this powerbank when we are playing together. As promised, the charging is fast; unless you are not using original cable, the charging speed will be slower.

3. LED power capacity light

Four tiny LED lights to indicate the power capacity. When the power capacity is lower than 25%, the first LED light will keep blinking so user can always know if the powerbank has enough energy to backup. Of course, when fully charge, all the LED lights will turn on. 

Its huge power capacity is the main reason I love ABS Y305 Powerbank. Basically, I don’t have to worry if my phone will die out of battery. Of course, I am not only using it while playing Pokemon Go, but also other moment like working and traveling. Guess what? I went to a 2D1N short retreat, I didn’t use a AC power supply at all; yet, my phone’s battery is always full because of this powerbank.

When coming to the weight, I personally still think it is heavy. But, how light can I expect for a 15000mAh powerbank? 

Not forget to mention about its size. It is still considered handy for me as ABS Y305 Powerbank is about the size of my phone. 

Oh ya, ABS Y305 Powerbank’s input port is micro USB. For most Android users, this is a good news because you can use the same cable for input and output. For iPhone users, no worries, a mirco USB cable is given when purchasing the powerbank. 

The only thing I think ABS products can improve is to give a longer cable. The cable is really short which you truly have to put the powerbank as close as it can to the plug. If my plug is attached on the wall, I would have to hang the powerbank on the wall in order to charge. 

So far, I am quite satisfied with ABS Y305 Powerbank. If you are asking my recommendation, I will definitely tell you ABS powerbank!

Interested to buy? You may check out the full list of ABS’s retailers >>

Alternatively, ABS Malaysia has launched their online store in 11Street too. 
Shop online at

**ABS Malaysia is currently offering Merdeka Sale with 20% to 30% discount. Promotion until 31 August 2016.

Hurry up! Purchase it now to save your money~

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Self-Hosting Must Know: Why Does Your Server Speed Matter!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
After joining the blogging community for 2 years; at a point, I am thinking to self-host my own blog. Hence, I started to do research on web host. To be honest, it isn't easy. There are a lot of server providers, offering the similar plan but pricing may vary. Not small but huge difference. A lot of people tend to go for the cheaper one. However, you have probably forgotten a very important point - the server speed. 

Why does the server speed matter?

Let's do a simple test here.


The moment when you see the "loading" above, what's in your mind? 

We are living in a fast-changing era, we want thing as fast as it can. When loading a website, when you see the loading sign and when it is not complete in 1-2 seconds after, a feeling of frustration is floating inside you. Don't deny it, everyone has this feeling. 

This tells why the server speed matters!

Perhaps, for a blog, the server speed doesn't affect much. But.. What if you are doing e-commerce?

Let’s look at the facts:

  1. Amazon would lose $1.6 BILLION every year if they slowed down by a second!
  2. Nearly half of internet users expect your site to load in less than two seconds.
  3. 40% will leave completely if it takes longer than three seconds to appear.

- Source from Bitcatcha

See? These facts tell you the impact. It is clear that a fast website is gaining more users. 

Fast website = Better user experience = More profit

I am sure you don't wish to lose a single cent just because you are hosting your online business in a slow server! 

Besides, Google loves fast loading website. They want to provide the best user experience to their users. Meaning that, if you want your website has a higher rank in Google, you website must respond fast! How does the page rank affect you? Let’s say your Google page rank is 10 while competitor website’s page rank is 2, apparently, the chance of a user views your website is lower than views your competitor's. 

Again, this affects your sales. Meanwhile, for blogger, a lower rank may cause less audience. 

I think now you have a better idea on why you should choose a fast responding server. 

Yet, another issue. How do you know if your hosting is fast (or slow)?

Here’s where Bitcatcha’s speed checker comes in!….

Bitcatcha is a server speed checker to show you how fast (or slow) your server is performing. And the best part is Bitcatcha speed checker is absolutely FREE!

To check your server speed, simply head to, key in your website address. Then, Bitcatcha will do the calculation and show you the speed testing result. 

Below are my blogs' speed testing results.

My blogs are graded as B. It sounds quite fast, but, I believe the speed can be improved if my blog visual and cache, etc improve. 

Meanwhile, I also tested few popular websites and e-commerce websites too. 

For sure, Google has an excellent server speed. On the other hands, the others seem to have very slow server speed. 

Apart from that, Bitcatcha also provides hosting reviews. Bitcatcha has interviewed website owners and asked them about their web host. 

You may check out the review here >>

I am happy to read all these reviews before I decide which server provider I should choose to host my websites. If you are seeking a web host too, you must read them!

Remember, speed is important! Make sure you choose a faster web host, not a cheaper one. 

For more information/updates, find/follow:
Facebook: Bitcatcha

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