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16 Nov 2017: Received quite numbers of reader comment/complained about ezbuy. I would like to declared that the following are based on my personal experience on Oct 2016. I have not been using their service more than half years till now. Hence, I couldn't comment/feedback on their service now. Thank you. I believe frequent online shoppers will definitely know about...
I bet you are one of the Pokemon trainers if you are reading this post. One of the scariest as well as the worst situation is out of battery while playing Pokemon Go; especially if you are catching a Pokemon or in a battle! So, how can you do to avoid this tragedy? Here are five tips to keep...
Being a Taobao shopper for years, buying everything online is just a piece of cake. Some may say, it needs to wait. Yes, I agree; however, it is cheap! Well, I can't deny that shopping at Taobao now is more expensive already compared to 2 years ago. I used to purchase and seek for shipping agent myself. Yet, due to...

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