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I believe my regular readers know my skin condition. I have repeated countless times, saying that my face always dehydrated; especially after returning from vacation. Even a simple 2D1N out from home, my face will become dry and sometimes peeling. So, a hydrating facial treatment is a must after every vacation. Recently, I have bumped into Beauté Library at MyTown Shopping Center. I have sort of knowing them for a while on Facebook, but this is my first time to exprience their service.

Beauté Library is a beauty lifestyle center. They are experts in face, body, bust, hair removal and spa. Well, I really know too little about them. At first, I thought Beauté Library is a facial treatment center. I am truly impressed to learn that they provide so many services. Guess what? They even have Beauté Men’s Club! Wow~~~ Ladies, when you are enjoying like a queen, don’t forget your king, ok?

Here is how Beauté Library at MyTown look like. It is classy and clean. They have few consultation room so that the beautician can have one-to-one consultation with customer, before and after the treatment.




Unlike some beauty saloons, Beauté Library concerns on customer’s privacy. Customers do not need to share room with others, all are private. You can enjoy your “me” time when having your treatment.



BTW, I love their caring towards their customer. A call button allows customer to call their beautician when necessary during the mask/spa time.

The treatment I was suggested to rejuvenate my skin is Beauté Floral Essential Hydrating Enriching Facial Treatment. This treatment includes shoulder massage with essential oil, milk cleansing for the first cleanse, double cleansing for the second cleanse, facial scrub, steaming with either hot or cold steam depending on skin condition, extraction, double mask, second shoulder massage and application of basic skincare before leaving.

I always love to talk with my beautician during the treatment so I can better understand my face condition. The beautician in Beauté Library is very professional, she answered all my questions patiently and explained every step before she did it.

Not sure if you can clearly see the difference between “before” and “after” of the treatment. I personally felt my face lifted after the treatment. Besides, my face became brighter too.

Overall, I enjoy my facial treatment much at Beauté Library @ MyTown. In future, I would love to try out other services like spa. Ladies and gentlemen, book your pampering session at Beauté Library now! Say bye bye to your dehydrated skin!

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