The Table of Harmony… Why Is It So Important?

Three more days till the first day of the year of rooster. It’s no doubt that Chinese New Year is one of the biggest Chinese celebrations around the world. A lot of brands had come out with different web films to greet people. Some also remind the Chinese tradition as well as some important messages that everyone should remember. Meanwhile, one of the most impressive web films I have watched is the one by TNB.
Have you watched it? Let’s check below..
Wow!!! They must have put in tons of effort for making this film! Look at those special effects, it is so interesting. Despite that, have you aware of the important message – The Table of Harmony?
Everyone has his/her personalities. Just like all the different Chinese New Year dishes, for example, our loved one come in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavor. No one is the same; hence, sometimes the personalities will clash, we might have mouth battle. This year of Rooster, let’s learn to put aside all the differences and reunite with your family.
Chinese New Year is always a good time to reunion with family. Personalities can clash during reunions; more so in big families. However, please remember, the thing that is more important than the dishes on the reunion table are the people sitting at the table. Yes, we may confront each other when something goes the other way we thought it should be. Nonetheless, we are all different. Think it another way, our differences are what give the occasion unique flavor. 
Well, back to the web film. As it showed the girls were making their Chinese New Year dishes to please their mother-in-law, TNB also comes out with a mini game – what mystery dish are you? I have played and this is me!
Aww… my mystery dish is Dumplings Trapped in Little Cage小笼包. Hey! That’s one of my favorite Chinese dishes!! Never think this will be me.
Interested to find out what mystery dish are you? Log on to now.
Have fun playing the mini game~ BTW, jio your family to play it too. Let’s see if anyone is the same dish with you.
Last, this Chinese New Year, remember The Table of Harmony! Nothing is more important than the one you loved. When we work together with our family, there is no challenge we can’t overcome. Meanwhile, I would like to wish you all have a prosperous and fruitful Chinese New Year.
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