The Best Valentine’s Gift for Couple! Keep Your Love Warm with Plaid Thermol


Time flies. Have you ever realised it is already the mid January of 2017 already? This also means that Valentine’s Day is only one more month! Boys and girls, thought of what you are going to gift your partners? Flowers? Watch? Bracelet? Couple tee? Well, I have a better suggestion for you~ Let’s get a pair of couple thermos!

Introduce you Plaid Thermol from P & M Production. What makes Plaid Thermol a good choice?

1. Keep warm and cold for nearly more than 20 hours!
2. Austenite 306 Stainless steel, the perfect material to last longer!
3. High-purity nano-liner , to allow anti-bacteria.
4. Stainless steel basket to filter your tea.

Plaid Thermol has 2 sizes, 350ml and 450ml. Also, it comes with 8 designs and colors. You can choose either two designs to make is a pair~








Besides, the design of Plaid Thermol is super stylish! Bring it for outing, it can instantly add value to your appearance. Meanwhile, the Plaid Thermol is thin and handy, you can bring it everywhere.The best thing I love about Plaid Thermol is its matte surface as it makes a better handling feel.

FYI, I got this Plaid Thermol in last year Christmas. So far, it works good. Danny and I carry them along no matter where we go. We used to bring a one-liter Tupperware bottle when we are dating. It is super inconvenient. However, now with Plaid Thermol, we can keep it in our bag or side pocket. We really love Plaid Thermol. That’s why I am here to recommend you to get a pair as Valentine’s gift this year.


Current Promotion:
350ml RM65 (Original Price: RM100)
450ml RM75 (Original Price: RM110)

Grab it now so you don’t have to think what you should gift you another half anymore~

More info/update, please check:
Facebook: P & M Production 



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