Pampering Yourself With Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016/2017


We, ladies love shopping, going to do facial, treatment etc. Need not to say, we spend much money on these. I used to go facial treatment once every two weeks which cost me a lot. Hence, I always try to get package or grab discounted deals from website like Groupon etc. However, since two years ago, I was being told that there is a book which can helps me save a lot on not only facial treatments, but also shopping and more, I can’t get myself out from it. This book is one of my must-have items – Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016/2017.

Time flies~ It’s already the second last month of 2016. Every year, Worthy Book will publish a new edition which customers can use it for a year. There are two editions — Ladies edition and F&B edition. For the Ladies Edition, it contains vouchers for beauty, shopping, fashion and health. See, every category that we ladies will spend on is included in this book.

FYI,  Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016/2017 has a total of 150 vouchers, which covers over 50 shopping malls, mainly in Klang Valley, but also at other states. BTW, if you use all these vouchers, you can save up to RM30K for the whole year!


Let’s check out some awesome discounts in Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016/2017.

Christy Ng! Yeah, I have missed out the warehouse sale and now, thank to Worthy Book, I am able to grab my new shoes with discount….

If you think there is only deal that you can use for ladies, you are wrong… I have shared the spa offer with my dear at ecoparadise. There is Buy 1 Free 1 Antioxidant Therapy which both of us enjoyed in the past weekend~

Well, there are still lots of vouchers that I have yet using; such as…..




Ladies, let’s grab your Worthy Book now to discover all the valuable deals yourself! This awesome voucher book is only costing you RM25 (inclusive GST); meanwhile, you can save more than RM30,000 in one year! So, why not?

Where to get it?

You may find it at major bookstores in Klang Valley such as Borders, Kinokuniya, MPH, Times Bookstore, Popular and selected Alternatively, you may purchase it at  

More info/update, find/follow:



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