Focus Point "Stronger Together" Universal Eye Health Campaign

Friday, November 4, 2016
Not sure if anyone awares of the World Sight Day on 13th October last month. I know, it is kinda late to update. However, I just wish to share the awareness. Perhaps, next year, you may join, no? I am glad to be a part of Focus Point "Stronger Together" Universal Eye Health Campaign, which was organized at Sunway Pyramid last month.

This year’s World Sight Day (WSD) theme is Stronger Together” dovetails the company’s CSR vision of “Togetherness”.  The message is simple – promoting eye care is not a solo effort but everyone plays a part, from eye care professionals like ophthalmologists, optometrists, nurses, donors, patients, carers, to the wider family.   

Focus Point has come out with a unique and fresh way to officially launch this campaign. They have invited 10 students of The Creatif Academy of Global Art's to hand-drew a canvas painting on the spot, which is completed by Dato' Liaw, the CEO & founder of Focus Point.

Besides, Focus Point invited KOL influencer, Elizabeth Tan to share her few words on her eye sight problem too.

For the public, Focus Point provided free eye checks with various high tech machines which can detect sophisticated eye problems. I did my eye checks after the event as well. Wookay, my power increased! It's time to change a new spectacle.. 

The media event ended with Dato' Liaw leading all guests to have a "Carefie", to symbolize we all care about our sight.  Meanwhile, the objective is to create a viral social media effect to spread the positive key messages of vision care globally.

4 comments on "Focus Point "Stronger Together" Universal Eye Health Campaign"
  1. I don't notice that we have World Sight Day before I read your post. Really gain knowledge from this post.

  2. 谢谢你的分享,很好的文章~

  3. Didn't aware of such event until I read this. Nice.


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