Review: Mediheal x LINE Friends Ampoule Mask

Thursday, April 28, 2016
I believe almost all OL are facing the same problem: Sitting in the office, get exposed to air-conditioner; and hence, our skin is always dehydrated. If you need to OT, our skin condition is even worse! To heal our skin condition, we definitely need to feed our skin with enough water! Few weeks ago, Maystar has sent me few pieces of Mediheal masks for trial. Thanks to Maystar for the pampering kit!


Mediheal is a brand under L&P Cosmetics, a well-known beauty product manufacturer in Korea. The name of "Mediheal" means medical healing. Mediheal mask is probably one of the best solutions heal our bad skin condition. FYI, Mediheal mask focuses on all skin types, no matter what skin type you are, you can find a suitable mask. 

Some top-selling sheet masks of Mediheal:

Mediheal N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask

This mask helps to improve skin moisture and also helps to purify our skin. If you have dull skin, Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask is the one you are seeking.

Mediheal WHP White Hydrating Charcoal Mask

A mask with activated charcoal and fruit extract, Mediheal WHP White Hydrating Charcoal Mask helps to deep cleanse our pores; meanwhile, it also helps to brighten our skin. 

Apart from that, Mediheal is collaborating with LINE Friends, here we have LINE Friends' ampoule sheet masks:

Mediheal N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask (LINE Friends Edition)

This is exactly the one mentioned above. The difference between this and the previous one is just this is LINE Friends edition. It has LINE Friends on the packaging; meanwhile, with also a small cute LINE Friends printing on the sheet mask. 

Mediheal I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask

I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask is mainly for skin brightening and hydrating purpose. It is in a pink package, sweet and cute. 

Mediheal P.D.F AC-Dressing Mask

If you have sensitive skin, or you are looking for pore control mask, Mediheal P.D.F AC-Dressing mask is for you. It is low irritating, which helps to soothe your skin and hydrate your skin quickly. 


Similar to other sheet masks, Mediheal mask is convenient and handy. I can easily bring it during vacation. The essence is rich, although it doesn't require to wash away after application; however, user with oily skin type will find it somehow oily and sticky if you leave the essence on your face. For LINE Friends edition masks, basically, it serves the same purpose like the normal packaging. However, it does attract LINE Friends to give the mask a try. 

As said, the LINE Friends edition mask has a printing on the mask. When I applied one of these masks, my little cousin sister was staring on my face, more accurate, she was looking at the cute printing. 

Overall, Mediheal mask is good for dehydrated skin because almost all the series put the highlight on hydration. You will get instant moisture after 10-to-20-minute application.

For those who are interested to try Mediheal mask, You can find the mask at Watson, Sasa and Aeon. If you wish to buy it online, you can visit Meanwhile, you can use my code "sinyee" for 20% discount.

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  1. the LINE friends edition one looks really really cute!! i dont think i would even have the heart to tear off the packaging to use it hahah

  2. These masks are so, so cute! They will really make me remember to use them! I keep forgetting to make use of my current masks.

  3. The packaging caught my eyes instantly. So cute and very creative in catching the eyes of a potential buyer!

  4. the packaging so cute! Love everything LINE :)

  5. Mediheal mask looks convenient to me too. Will get few on my next travel plan.

  6. The packaging is to cute. I thick I wont be able to tear it off. Hhahahaha

  7. Looks so nice and cute.. huhuhu... I would love to try it also...

  8. So cute the packaging, tak sampai hati to buka la >.<

  9. omg so cute! i wanna grab these soon!

  10. Aww the packaging is so cute, I wish to have a set too.

  11. Awh the LINE edition one looks really cute :) The packaging especially is really tempting as well :)

  12. The packaging is super cute! I wanna try it! Thanks for the review :)

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