Two months ago, I shared an online beauty booking platform – Bfab; which user like you and me can easily make our beauty date with your preferred beauty salon via Internet hassle-free. I have been using this platform for two months, and I am glad to share you my words of thought after using Bfab.

Click the link if you have no idea what Bfab is or you want to know how it works. 
Bfab is still young, but it is growing very fast. Some famous salons like Kim Marie are listed on the Bfab too. If you are a regular customer of these salons, you probably know how headache is it to make appointment. Hence, through Bfab, you can book your slot conveniently. Also, there are a lot of salons that you rarely/never heard of, which is near to your area. Hence, Bfab is a great place to discover service in your neighbourhood. 
I found Bfab team is so caring. When you book your pampering session, a confirmation email will be sent to you; meanwhile, you will receive a confirmation SMS too.

In case you have not marked down your sessions on your notebook, you will also receive a reminder email and SMS few hours before the session.

I am not sure if every user has received calls from Bfab team. I personally have received calls from them to confirm the treatment and they will also inform the service provider to ensure they know we are coming. Further, you will receive post-treatment call too because they want to ensure every user enjoys their treatments.

Besides, you can also write a review for the service provider on Bfab after your treatment, so that every user knows the service before they book it.

If you love the treatment, you can also book again with just one click in your account history.

All in all, I enjoy booking my beauty pampering session on Bfab. It is so convenient doing all the things online.

Meanwhile, I have a great offer to all of you. Enter my code SINYEE25 when you make your first booking on Bfab. You will entitle RM25 discount during you first booking and RM10 will be credited into your Bfab account (valid for 3 months). You can spend the credit during your next booking.

For more information, find/follow:
Facebook: Bfab


  1. Is this can be use is every state? If yes, will check this out as they keep on remind customer on their treatment is what I need (though too much reminder a lil annoying la ^^'').


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