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Thursday, April 21, 2016
Visiting Bangkok without going to any of the local night markets is definitely not a thing you should do here! Remember I have shared Talad Rod Fai 2 Night Market last year in November? Here I am to introduce you another awesome night market you should visit in Bangkok - JJ Green Night Market.

Also known as Chatuchak Green or Siam Gypsy Night Market, JJ Green is probably one of the coolest night markets in Bangkok. The vibe is similar to Talad Rod Fai; however, personally think it is even more amazing! By the name itself, you probably able to guess it is also located in the area of Chatuchak area. Yes, it is situated at Chatuchak Park. Danny and I spent 20 minutes walking from Chatuchak Weekend Market to JJ Green Night Market.

Therefore, we suggested you going for daytime shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market, then JJ Green Night Market at night.

FYI, JJ Green Market is a lifestyle community mall. It opens since morning; while the night market starts at 5pm till late night. Nonetheless, this place only alive around 7pm or 8pm at night. Most sellers only start preparing their business at 4pm onwards. If you want to experience it, visit here between Thursday till Sunday, 7pm onwards.

Apart from that, JJ Green Night Market can be divided into two sections: flea market and community mall (dining area).

Flea Market is the market in parking slot. You will find a lot of interesting and unique vintage stuffs in this section. For example, retro cameras, accessories, plants, car or biker gears, clothes, antiques, collectible CDs etc.

There is also live band and teenagers performance as well.

The parking slot is spacious, I have forgotten how many rows Danny and I walked. We only remember how tiring our legs were! We can't feel them at all! Especially we have done a whole afternoon shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Look at the picture below. Our shopping haul~

Community mall/dining area is where you can find food and drinks! Here is the area you can pamper your stomach! Local Thai food, Korean food, pub/club, hawker food etc.

There are two-storey restaurants and pubs. It is a good choice to chill with your friends at the rooftop bar.

A lookout point is set here too. Visitors can view the amazing night market scene here! It's beautiful, isn't it?

So.... Plan a night at JJ Green Night Market when you are going to Bangkok. For sure you will not miss Chatuchak Weekend Market, so just take a walk till JJ Green Night Market. However, it depends on personal stamina too. Honestly speaking, it was so tiring because we bought a lot of stuffs before heading to JJ Green Night Market.

JJ Green Market
Opening Hours: Thurs - Sun 5pm - 2am
Address: 1 Kamphaeng Phet 3, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand.
BTS: Mo Chit
MRT: Chatuchak

24 comments on "JJ Green Night Market @ Bangkok"
  1. Did you bought a lot of clothes? Hahahaha


    1. Yup.. That is a must!!! But I have shopped a lot at Chatuchak Weekend Market. Just looked around at night market. ><

  2. another good market !! 20min walk to jj....its bit far for my this old lady...haha!!anyway ,will take note of this nice place .

  3. OMG! They selling lenses tooo? Definitely a place to visit!

  4. Hmm I miss Thailand. Wish to go back there soon and buy those cute little trinkets for my new room. They're just so cute.

  5. I like their night market lotta things to see.
    Wanna visit it to grab some cute stickers. :)

  6. Wah really nice place! I been to Bangkok two years ago but still haven't check out this place.. Will go next time . Thanks for sharing!

  7. AHH. its like a shoppers paradise. Everything so cheap :D

  8. I was planning to go Bangkok either this year or next year. Seens like there are many things to grab in their night market maybe is time to save money hahaha


  9. looks very pleasing and not as crowded and stuffy as chatuchak :) wanna visit one day

  10. I've not been to Bangkok yet so this post is really helpful. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  11. WAH! It's one of those market I've yet to visit in Bangkok! It's going into my organizer for my next trip!

  12. I love Bangkok market and as you have mentioned anyone can go buying clothes from Bangkok.

  13. Nice! Pretty sure you shopped a lot there. =D

  14. wow so interesting. lots to see, and buy these small small knick knacks. :)

  15. Everything looks super colorful and vintage! Im gonna visit this Market next time when I visit Bangkok!

  16. I like the feel of night markets. Good deals, food and night go very well together.

  17. Going to night markets are an exercise on its own seeing the size and the amount of walking we need to do. But it sure will be replaced with the food we eat too

  18. I miss Bangkok so much. I manage go to Rod Fai night Market. Next time I want explore JJ Green Night Market.

  19. The souvenirs are cute! Feels like wanna buy them all :D

  20. Ah, I totally missed out to visits this JJ Market when I was in Bangkok.. AIks...

  21. been there before but it seems more developed now, i really love the night markets coz literally can buy anything for a steal

  22. Bangkok pasar malam is one of the best! So many things to see and buy, confirm broke afterwards

  23. Wow, I like cute stuffs, can shop whole day there!


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