Blog Rebranding from Paroles de La Vie to I Am Sin Yee


Hello All,

Some of you may realise the rebranding yesterday, and some of you may be shocked to know I have rebranded my blog. This could be an official announcement, and also a post that I would like to share why I am rebranding “out of sudden”.

Paroles de La Vie ( is a name that I gave my blog two years ago, when I started to attend events, go for food review, share product reviews etc. There are reasons I chose this name in the beginning. “Childish”, an adjective that uses to describe one like a kid. Some think it is not a positive word; especially you are an adult, but people think you are childish. Well, I was given the nick as childish when I was very young. For me, it doesn’t mean negative. Meanwhile, paroles means lyrics. Hence, I chose to use “childish-paroles” as my domain. It sounds like my story.

However, two years later, which is now. I have decided to rebrand it as I Am Sin Yee ( Reason behind is pretty simple, it is easier to remember. I believe a lot of people can easily remember I Am Sin Yee, rather than Paroles de La Vie. Yes, this is the main reason I decided to change the name.

Well, it took me few months, from last year till now to decide whether I should change. I may lost a lot of readers from the old blog if they didn’t subscribe my blog or Facebook page. However,  this new beginning is the way to let more potential readers to know me and grow even faster! If you are my reader from the beginning till now, you must have noticed my growth. I appreciate your support and I will do even better.

Blog rebranding isn’t an easy job; but because of your support, I know it worths! BTW, hope you love my new blog layout. Shot me a message if you have any comment. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more updates!!!!

Remember, a new start at! Do bookmark and subscribe me.



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