Make Beautiful More Convenient! Book Beauty Salon and Spa Near You With Few Clicks~


We can’t deny this is a high-tech era. Internet, smartphone etc seem to be one of our basic needs. Why is it so important to our living nowadays? The reason is very obvious; because almost everything, we can do it online. Who doesn’t love to solve their issue conveniently? For example, I want to book a flight to return to my hometown. Walk-in purchase or book it from the airline’s website is more convenient? Of course, it is booking online! Further, we have also mobile application to make reservation in a restaurant. Isn’t it great that user only has to click few button to do booking, while the business owner can manage the booking hassle-free because the app tells what the owner needs to know! Recently, I was being told that a beauty and wellness booking platform – Bfab, has started in Klang Valley. Hence, I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Bfab is an online platform which user can conveniently make booking for beauty and wellness services which near your neighborhood. It is founded by a team of young entrepreneurs, who aim to provide a trustworthy, transparent and convenient way for end-user like us, to make reservation. Since it was just started, this platform is now including beauty salon and wellness centre within Klang Valley. Now, let’s see how can we make a booking at desired service with just few clicks!

Step 1: Visit Bfab website:

Step 2: Sign up account is you are first time user, login your account if you are existing user. For first time user, a verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 3: Find service that you want to book for. Eg: I would like to book a Spa at Sri Petaling on 15 February 2015. Click “Find”, you will be directed to another page which shows related beauty salons/ wellness centers that provide the related service.

Step 4: Choose your preferred salon. Then, you will be directed to the salon’s page. Here you can view the selected salon’s photos, its location and their opening hours. Scroll down a little, you will see the list of services they provide. Click on the service you want to book, service duration and price will be shown.

Step 5: Click on the service, choose your date and time. The amount of price will be shown. FYI, price shown is the actual amount the service cost, no hidden fee. After done selecting the session, click “Checkout”.

Step 6: Check your details and insert promo code (if any), click “Book”. Your pampering session has been booked!

See? With just 6 steps, you can now book beauty salon and spa near you!

Have you realised I have mentioned “promo code”? Yes. Here is a promo code that you can use to get 20% off on any service in Bfab! Promo code: BFABNOW

It can be used up to 4 bookings! What are you waiting for? Book now and enjoy~ Promo code is valid until 29 February 2016~

More information, find/follow:
Facebook: Bfab


  1. WAH! even going ot Saloon now can book online. Hebat, thank God indian Barbers not that hard, just walk in, sit down, cut and leave and spend less than 10 bucks at the place.

  2. I heard about Bfab since it started and actually I worked with a company that started something what Bfab is doing, the whole same thing… But, until now that startup has not monetized and just burns more and more money in marketing. I'm pretty sure that with this kind of startup, Malaysia is something not ready esp now that beauty salons and clinics profit margins are getting lower and lower. Just my opinion.


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