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Monday, January 11, 2016
It has been a long time that Danny and I didn't have any big breakfast. Hence, during the first Sunday of 2016, we eventually satisfied our cravings at Jekyll & Hyde, Empire Damansara. You might come across this name on my blog before because I have been reviewing about its delicious pork rib! If you didn't check out here.

As mentioned in the previous review, Jekyll & Hyde is a British pub and also a classy dining restaurant.

Both of us are truly in love with the European-themed ambiance here. It is a great place to enjoy our long-lasted brunch dating! Now, let's check out the brunch we had!

Hyde's All Day Fry-Up: Two slices of streaky bacon, two pieces of spicy Russian Kolbasas (sausage), saute mushrooms, grilled tomato, baked beans and sous vide poached eggs served with two toasted sourdough rye slices and truffled butter. Hyde's breakfast is actually American Breakfast. Believe it or not, the sausages were quite spicy. Meanwhile, the truffled butter was easily spread on the bread, it was sweet-smelting, and of course, delightful.

Hyde's All Day Fry-Up @ RM38

Dr. Jekyll's Breakfast: Two slices of Gamon Ham, two pieces of breakfast bangers, saute mushrooms, grilled tomato, truffled butter scramble eggs, topper with rocket and bacon rosti, served with two toasted sourdough rye slices and butter. Dr. Jekyll's breakfast is Bristish breakfast. I personally preferred this more than Hyde's. Perhaps, it was because of the spicy Russian Kolbasas. Having said that, I preferred the truffled butter than the normall butter served on Dr. Jekyll's breakfast.

Dr. Jekyll's Breakfast @ RM35

If you are having a dilemma like I did, you are recommended to Build Your Own. Jekyll & Hyde offers build your own brunch platter, with a base of toasted sourdough rye slices, butter and eggs with the way you like! This basic platter starts from RM15 only, you can top-up sausages, meats and condiments with extra pay.

Want something different as brunch? Go for special! 

Mr. Poole's Avocado Triplets: Smashed avocado with mascarpone cheese, smoked salmon, streaky bacon and sous vide poached eggs with toast. It was an appealing brunch; however, Jekyll & Hyde added lime while smashing the avocado. As a result, the smashed avocado tasted like lime more than the original light avocado. 

Mr. Poole's Avocado Triplets @ RM30

Utterson's Benedict: Smoked salmon, rocket and sous vide poached eggs on toast with classic hollandaise. A must-try for diner who loves egg benedict. The salmon was fresh.

Utterson's Benedict @ RM29

Eggs Pax Britannica: Sous vide poached eggs on potato rosti with streaky bacon, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese. It is recommended to those who love hashbrown. The potato rosti was homemade by Jekyll & Hyde, it is the most delicious one both of us have had so far! However, compared to the previous dishes, the bacon was slight saltier. Perhaps, the kitchen accidentally added more condiment.

Eggs Pax Britannica @ RM25

Not forget to mention, the brunch mentioned includes two drinks: your choice of juice and coffee or tea. At the first place, you might think the price was slightly higher; however, when it comes with two drinks, it is totally worthy to grab these dishes at Jekyll & Hyde. 

Note: Brunch is only available on weekends, from 11am to 3pm.

Jekyll & Hyde
Address:G18-G19, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU8/8, 
Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hours:11am – 11pm (Closed on Mondays)
Tel:017 758 0005
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19 comments on "New Weekend Brunch @ Jekyll & Hyde "
  1. Wow the big breakfast set is so huge but kinda expensive...maybe can share hehehe

  2. Wow so yummy! I must bring my hubby over one day.

  3. The food looks amazing. I would prefer Dr. Jekyll's breakfast too! Or even the Utterson's Benedict. Hmm if you're saying it comes with drinks too then I think it is rather worth it for the price

  4. Feels so hungry by just looking at the photos! Yummy!

  5. all presentation dishes looks unique!

  6. Now this is what i call breakfast! looks sooo yummyyy

  7. Yummy brunch eh~ I love the benedict! Will go and try it one day.

  8. Eggs Pax Britannica looks tempting. Will try it out on my next visit.

  9. If I can have the Hyde's All Day Fry-Up for my sunday brunch I will be satisfied and happy.

  10. Your food photos are very nice. I'm hungry now. Sob sob.

  11. That looks like a pretty heavy brunch. I know that I will be full for hours after eating that. Thanks for recommending the place - I will share the info with my friends that love their share of pork.

  12. nice pictures and love the presentation of the food and nice ambience...
    is it halal? looks like it is not.... hmmm... will share with my non muslim pals...

  13. The plating is interesting. Though not for me since it's not halal, but the portion looks huge and would interest some of my friends. :)

  14. whoaa...for breakfast? quite much for me but it really looks yummy tho. is it halal btw?

  15. The Dr. Jekyll's Breakfast looks very yummy and appetizing, I feel hungry now >.<

  16. when are you bringing me :P .. i also wanna eat at these hipster places :D

  17. Wow..the portions are huge, definitely enough to feed 2 mouths instead of 1!

  18. this is seriously my fav kind of breakfast or brunch, so delicious and fulfiling

  19. love to try Dr. Jekyll's Breakfast ^^


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