A Date With Bestie: Nail Pampering + Hi-tea Party

When you and your bestie want to have a gathering, what would you have? Shopping together? Or go for a drink in cafe? I have a better idea – enjoy nail pampering session together; meanwhile, hi-tea too. 

Situated in SS2, MOJO Nail Cafe is a nail salon which provides excellent manicure and pedicure service. At the same time, MOJO Nail Cafe is also a cafe which serves snacks and beverage. This is a brilliant concept cafe, which girl can enjoy nail pampering session and hi-tea together. Or if you are coming with your boyfriend, you can enjoy your nail session; meantime, he can have a tea while waiting for you. Instead of sitting at the sofa and do nothing like other nail salons! 

MOJO Nail Cafe is located at the first floor, right above The Vape Machine. You can easily spot it from roadside. Walking into the cafe, you will see some decorations on the table. I went there during Halloween celebration, so there were some relevant props. 

The design of nail salon section looks similar to others; three comfy sofa. However, currently there are only two persons working. If you are going with more than two persons, you will need to wait. I highly recommend you to make an appointment to avoid disappointment. Make sure you are on time, else, some walk-in customers will take your place.

The cafe was themed in black, with warm lighting. It is definitely a good place to chill with your bestie! 

Even MOJO is a nail cafe, they are still main in providing manicure and pedicure service. Hence, the food and beverage on the menu are limited. I ordered a pot of English Tea and nuggets while waiting for my turn.  

Similar to the previous nail service I went, the manicure and pedicure session includes nail cutting and shaping, cuticle removal, base coat, color nail polish and top coat application and also moisturising lotion application. 

Note: Normal and gel nail polish MOJO is using are OPI nail polish.

Note: Removal of gel nail polish is not included in the session. Additional charge is required. 

Gel Manicure @ RM79

Gel Pedicure @ RM89

The entire session took around one and a half hour because removing my previous gel color consumed some time. Now, let see my new color! 

Well, one of my finger nail broke few hours before I went to the nail service. So, it is shorter than the other. 

If you are a nail art fan, you must check out MOJO’s nail art! The drawings are so beautiful. Some are very cute like the moustache design, it is my favourite! Price starts from RM3, I think it is cheaper than those I went. 

Nonetheless, I was in a hurry; hence, I didn’t take any nail art. I will definitely do it next round when visiting MOJO Nail Cafe. 

As said, MOJO is a nail salon and also a cafe. Therefore, you can actually make a party here! That’s why I said I have a better idea for you and your bestie! You can pre-book their cafe as an event space, for hens party, birthday celebration or any event. They have non-discriminatory policy. Offered package as below: 

Gold package: 3 hours lunch party + unlimited nail service (exclusive 3D nail art) + lunch buffet for 30 pax + free flow drinks 

Platinum package: 4 hours lunch party + party decoration + unlimited nail service + lunch buffet for 50 pax (max) + free birthday cake + free flow drinks 

Diamond package (ladies night party): 5 hours night party + party decoration + cupcake and candies + unlimited nail service + dinner buffet for 50 pax (max) + free birthday cake + free flow drinks + 72 cans of Heineken

Overall, Mojo Nail Cafe is a great place for girls to pamper themselves with nail service along with hi-tea. The price for all services are slightly cheaper than the market price but they are providing the same service with the same nail polish brand. If that’s the case, why pay more is you can enjoy the same service in cheaper price? Book your session today with MOJO Nail Cafe to have a special bestie dating!

More details, find/follow at:
Address: No. 105 (First Floor), Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 017 – 288 3180

Facebook: MOJO Nail Cafe


  1. oh i detest to remove gel nail polish! no wonder it took a long time there too. but the feeling of pedi and mani and the beauty of it is definitely worth the time. btw how much was the additional pricing to remove?


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