The Worst Parcel Packaging I Have Ever Received!

Sunday, September 6, 2015
My day was great until I received my recent parcel. Let’s have a look with the packaging before going into the details.

I swear, this is the original packaging when I received the parcel from the postman! Only shoes case with tape which was not fully wrapped with anything! Imagine you see this, will you ever think this is a parcel? I bet not! If you were me, you definitely get frustrated when receiving it. If you are wondering what was it inside the parcel, it was a tarantula, means the thing inside the box is not just a thing, but it has life!
**No worries, if you are afraid of tarantula. I didn’t share its photo in this post. Just telling my experience of receiving this parcel.**

FYI, Danny and I are tarantula lover. We saw a Sarawak (more specific, from Miri) tarantula seller who is selling a species we were looking for. Since we are at KL, we couldn’t do any COD with the seller. Thus, the seller post the tarantula for us. **This is common to courier the tarantula, there is appropriate method to pack them and post them** To be honest, we always do COD as long as we could, meanwhile, this is the first time we used courier. We did courier our collection before, so we trust the seller can do the same as well since he is not a new tarantula seller.
Above photo is our packaging when delivering tarantula using courier service
Everything was fine. Payment and delivery on time, but it was not okay with that super duper not well-wrapped packaging! Guess what? This thing has life! The box the seller used was a paper shoes case. Well, we believed the box still look fine when he deliver it, we understood the courier service might accidentally pressed it and it broke. But then, it didn’t mean the seller has no responsibility. He taped few but not the entire case. We told him about the broken parcel, he said maybe because the rainy day recently, the box got well and broke. So, he knew the weather but still using a paper box to deliver the parcel without any bag wrapping it? A Poslaju plastic bag only cost 40cents!
Okay, this is not the end. Other than the box, the seller actually put the tarantula inside a plastic cup with tissue surrounding it. However, the plastic cup is exactly the same cup we usually get when takeaway drinks. It is soft and easily crush with gentle press! Seriously, this is totally NOT okay! What if the box were totally broken and some heavy parcel was put on our parcel? By that time, for sure the tarantula will die. 
This is super NOT professional! Be a responsible seller, please! We swear this is the first and also the last time we will buy from him. Don’t simply think of making money with other’s hobby. This isn’t only for the seller we deal with, but also for all sellers! Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. You definitely want to receive your beloved parcel in an excellent condition. So, pack the parcel like what you want to receive too!

Note: We decided not to disclose the seller’s information since he apologised when we talked to him after receiving the parcel. He promised he will take note in future and not to make the same mistake again. Nonetheless, we had shared our experience in the related Facebook group. In future, if we heard other member who encounters the same issue from this seller, we will definitely enclose his information to avoid the problem happens again! For buyer, don’t keep your bad experience yourself. Share with other so that they will take note too!
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