Under The Windmill @ Eco Majestic, Semenyih

Monday, August 10, 2015
Great day everyone! Some of you may know I went to visit the Windmill at Eco Majestic last Saturday. If you don't, never mind. I am sharing on my short visit there now.

FYI, this is an event "Under The Windmill", organized by EcoWorld, one of the well-known developers in Malaysia. This event started in mid July; however, it wasn't widely shared on social media. When we knew that, it was the second last week of the event. Meaning that, tomorrow 9 Aug is the last day!
You don't have to doubt where they are organizing this event. It is located at the site that EcoWorld is currently developing at. And purpose of that, besides than let public to have the chance snap a lot of photos with windmills, since it isn't common in our country, the main purpose is to attract more crowd to visit their project.
Since it was a Saturday, crowd was more than weekday. Basically everyone was parking at the street. However, the good thing was EcoWorld provided buggy cars and vans to pick up and drop off visitors. Thus, even if you park far away from the event venue, you can take the free ride.

Honestly speaking, it was a little disappointing when I saw how the windmills were arranged. Indeed, I should say I was misled by the posters shared around. I thought all the windmills were grouped together and visitors can take photo with all windmills at once. Nevertheless, they were placed around the lake in the garden, few were closed to the show houses of Eco Majestic project.
Having said that, it still worth a tour because they have marked down every name and description of the windmill. Yes, all windmills are different and have their own history. Visitors aren't only have chance to watch beautiful windmills but also increase knowledge. Well, I don't remember the windmills' name, but this is the largest and the most popular one. 
I personally love this small windmill a lot. It is cute, mostly caught attention of children.
Other than that, they have specifically build up a small minion windmill near the entrance/exit. 
Other than windmills, we had seen something special. Cow and sheep were outside the show houses! Had a photo with the cute cow and sheep before we went off.
And also, some places in the garden also look beautiful. If it was not crowded, I guess we will have our couple photoshoot here.
Overall, it was a fun day with my man. Still, I was still disappointed with only few windmills here and their placement was not as I expected. If you would like to view windmills in real, this event is the greatest opportunity. However, the only chance is tomorrow!

Under the Windmills, Eco Majestic
Date: 19 Jul 2015 - 9 Aug 2015
Time: 10am - 5pm
Entrance Fee: FREE
Tel: 03 8274 2255
Address: EcoWorld Gallery @ Eco Majestic
No. 1, Lingkaran Eco Majestic, Eco Majestic 43500 Semenyih, Selangor.
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